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Save $715 OFF Magoosh ACT 6 Month Premium Prep Courses and Study Materials!

Save $715 OFF Magoosh ACT 6 Month Premium Prep Courses and Study Materials!

Save $715 OFF Magoosh ACT 6 Month Premium Prep Courses and Study Materials!
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  • The ACT is what stands between you and the college of your dreams. To get into the best schools, then you need to make sure that you use your preparation time wisely by doing an ACT prep course. It will allow you to get the best marks possible.

    ACT prep courses cost money, though. And not all future students are in a financial position to afford the cost of the best courses. Fortunately, you’ll find great discounts for prep courses on this page, as well as other offers that can make acing your ACT much cheaper.

    What is the ACT?

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    The American College Test or ACT is a test that is taken by prospective college students. It’s a standardized test that many colleges in the USA use to judge candidates for their colleges. It was first created in 1959 by Everett Franklin Lindquist, who was a professor at the University of Iowa.

    The most common form of this test splits into four different sections, which test a prospective student’s capabilities in English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning. Over the last ten years, the ACT has become more popular as a means of testing future college students than the SAT.

    In each year, a student can choose to do the ACT on seven different occasions. 36 is the highest possible score that you can achieve on the ACT, but a tiny minority of test-takers only achieves this. In fact, in 2018, almost 2,000,000 people took the ACT, but less than 4,000 of them managed to reach the top mark of 36.

    The very best students, who want to attend highly selective colleges, such as the exclusive Ivy League colleges, will usually need to score between 27 and 30. Open colleges are at the other end of the spectrum, and they require students to score between 17 and 20. The most common score that people get on the ACT is 20.8.

    This score equates to approximately 1050 on the SAT. It takes a little under 3 hours to complete the ACT. And it will take longer if you take the optional writing test.

    How to Prepare for the ACT and Save Money

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    The best way to get good scores on the ACT so that you can gain access to the college of your dreams is to prepare properly for the test. An online prep course is one of the best ways to prepare properly.

    You will be given ample resources so that you can direct your revision most effectively. And you’ll also be given practice papers to work on. These resources will allow you to be ready for the big test so that you don’t end up being surprised by the style or nature of the questions you’re asked.

    Unfortunately, most ACT prep courses aren’t free, although we would all like them to be. You can, however, find some great offers, deals, and discounts for online prep courses. When these discounts are taken into account, these online prep courses are much more affordable.

    The right time to take a prep course is well in advance of the test. As the ACT can be taken seven times a year, then you can access these discounts at all times of the year. You may want to look at this webpage closely, as you’ll find lots of fantastic deals on ACT prep courses here.

    Where to Find ACT Prep Course Discounts

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    If you want to get a good discount on a prep course for the ACT, then one good option is to look at this webpage. You’ll find many offers and deals on some of the most well-regarded ACT prep courses around. Each company offers these deals in different ways.

    You may find a discount or promo code that can be used on the payment page on the website of the prep course provider. Or you might need to sign up to the site with your email address, and then the prep course provider will email you a discount code or a deal.

    How to Use ACT Discount Codes

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    If you find a discount code on this website, then rest assured that it’s very easy to access the benefits of the code. The discount code will simply need to be used on the payment page of the course provider’s website. To free yourself of any worries regarding the proper use of the discount code, then you should always read the information that’s given with the discount code.

    This is the same for any deals or discounts that are shown on this webpage. There will often be some stipulations attached to the discounts or deals. To make sure that you can access the deal, you should always read the small print.

    You should also remember that some discounts and deals are only offered for a limited amount of time. Always check that you are applying to use these deals within the timeframe that’s advertised.

    It’s also important to remember that many of the deals that are offered to ACT takers are exclusive to certain students only. Once again, just check the small print before attempting to use any feal for an ACT preparation course.

    Can You Get a Fee Waiver for the ACT?

    The ACT offers a fee waiver program for certain people who are unable to afford the test fee. Not only does the ACT offer you the chance to access the test for free, but it will also give you access to a free prep course too. You can also access other learning resources, like the ACT Rapid Review and the ACT academy. The fee waiver scheme is exclusive to people who meet certain criteria. The information about the fee waiver scheme can be found on ACT’s website.

    How Many Times Can You Take the ACT for Free?

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    If you have already used the ACT fee waiver scheme, but you don’t like your test scores, and you would like to do the test one more time, then you will be able to do so. But the fee waiver scheme can only be used twice. After you have done the test twice, then you cannot apply to the ACT fee waiver scheme again.

    If you feel that you have a good case for applying for a third time, then you could email the team at the ACT fee waiver scheme. It is, however, unlikely that they will make allowances, as the two-time rule is stringently enforced.

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