Best College Admissions Consultants

When you’re thinking about applying to college in the US, you need all the help you can get with your application. A little extra help will ensure you get admitted to your desired college.

Some students may not know where they want to study or what major to take. College consultants can help guide students through these choices.

Others may have been working towards an Ivy League school for many years and need support from an expert consultant in refining their application to give them the best chance of admission.

What are the benefits of hiring a college consultant?

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Find your Fit – You need a college that will support your learning, stretch, and challenge you, providing you with the right opportunities for personal growth. If you’re not sure which one you’d like to attend, admissions consultants will help you find the best college for you.

Secure Admission – College consultants can secure admission to the Ivy League US colleges and universities, ensuring your application is reviewed and, eventually, accepted.

Financial Aid – Admissions Consultants are experienced in funding and finances and can assist in securing relevant financial loans, grants, and scholarships. This is especially important if you know you will be relying on financial aid to get you through your studies.

Career for your Future – Choosing the right college and major can impact your career opportunities and trajectory. College admission consultants help to find the right path for you and set you up in the application process.

Confidence and Morale – Having a college admissions consultant is an opportunity to validate your skills and give you the confidence you need to overcome difficulties in the application process.

Advice Outside of College – Some of the top college admission consultants will offer additional help, including boosting your application with extracurricular activities and community service, life coaching, and more.

Do I need a college admissions consultant?

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Education, opportunities, and guidance can vary widely across the High School system in the US, and it may be that you haven’t had the opportunities to excel at subjects or pursue your interests.

Also, most High School facilities do not have a guidance counselor available to all students, so there’s little opportunity for you to be guided to the most appropriate college, major, or career.

A college application consultant is a great resource for advising you or your child on how to boost their application, which college and major they would be most suited to, and how this will impact their chosen career route.

Although some free college admissions resources are available online, these can be outdated and not specific to you or your child. This is why college admissions consultants are a great resource, especially if you can find an affordable and reliable service.

Many top college admissions consultants work for a large college admissions consulting firm that covers the US but may specialize in a particular geographical area or Ivy League schools. This means they’ll have the expert knowledge to help you. In addition, college admissions consultants often have experience as admission officers at the top schools or have been through the process several times.

What if I can’t afford a college admissions consultant?

We get it. Applying to your dream school can be terrifying. Many people believe they need to pay excessive amounts to bag the top college admissions consultants, but this isn’t the case at all. There are many college admissions counseling programs that offer affordable or basic packages that can do wonders for your application. Remember, when starting the college admissions process, everyone will have different needs. Maybe you need help with test prep to get in, or maybe you’re looking into the graduate school admissions process. You only need the package you know will help you.

Alternatively, you could always take a gap year to save up the money for a college admission consulting service.

What to look for in a college admissions consultant

Attending college may be your dream, but the college admissions process can be overwhelming, especially for high school students who are nervous about their future. That’s where a good college admissions coach comes into it.

A great college admissions counselor will make admissions easy. On this page you’ll find a range of college admissions consulting services to choose from but remember, the best best college admissions consultant for you will cater to your needs as you begin the process of applying for college.

Most college admissions consultants and firms have different packages you can choose from. Ask yourself what services would be most beneficial to you. For example, are you looking to get into really selective colleges or graduate programs? Some specialize in undergraduate admissions, whereas other college admissions counselors can help you gain admission into graduate schools.

Do you need help with improving test scores, writing college essays, or some other college prep? College admissions coaches for high schoolers will be able to raise your GPA, improve extracurricular activities, and more, all things that will help you gain admission to highly selective colleges.

College admissions consulting services can also help with securing finanical aid to ensure students have the best chance of affording their dream schools. Some offer packages to international students.

Many college consulting services will feature coaches who were former admissions officers in top universities. This means they’re even more qualified to offer you expert advice.

What are the best college admissions consultants?

To help you on your application journey to get into a top college, we’ve collated the best college consultants and admissions consulting firms. Each one offers different services so whether you want to get into the college of your dreams, reach your academic goals, need help with extracurricular planning, or something else, they’ll offer valuable insight and help you on your higher education journey.

1. Admissionado

Admissionado site

Admissionado is one of the best college admissions consulting firms you can use if you’re heading to business school. This is because it’s made up of a team of college graduates and experts – over 100 of them! Admissionado was built in 2007 by two Brown College classmates who reconnected years after graduation. They saw that there wasn’t an easy and affordable service for college applicants, and wanted to assist students on getting into their dream colleges.

Team of Experts – All Admissionado admissions consulting staff have graduated from a top college and have a specialty area. For example, essay editing or application advice. This means you’ll have a college admissions consultant team of experts to support your application, bringing you a range of expertise.

Application Consulting – This service is for students who are clear on their college path and would like additional help from expert admissions consultants in tweaking their application and writing a fantastic essay.

College Counseling – This is available for students going through a high school that doesn’t have guidance counselors or those who would benefit from additional support and guidance from admissions officers and college counselors.

Full Package – Admissionado offers a full package for one school at a set price and further schools at an additional cost after this. If you know which consulting college you’re applying to, this is a great option for you.

Admissionado also has continuous contact with your mentor over email, and the customer service is excellent. So many other college consulting services just give you one expert, which can limit the experience or knowledge you receive. Admissionado are unique and superior, thanks to their team approach. So whether you’re looking to get into Harvard University, Stanford or somewhere else entirely, Admissionado can help you it.

2. Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep site

Veritas Prep offers a range of services relating to college, including SAT prep, GRE prep, and other test prep to improve your test scores. This means they’re not just a dedicated admissions counseling service. However, the experts on the college applications team all have previous experience as college admissions consultants at top colleges, including Ivy League.

Team of Experts – This team is made up of previous college admissions officers from top colleges across the US. They bring their experience, knowledge, and understanding of a range of applicants to Veritas Prep and, in turn, can offer excellent college application support.

Interactive Platform – Veritas Prep has created an all-encompassing platform that guides you through the stages of your application. It tracks deadlines, to-dos, essay drafts, comments, and advice from the college admissions consulting team.

Grade Packages – Depending on which High School Grade you’re currently in and how far you got with compiling your college application, there are different levels of service available.

Price Packages – If you’re looking for a comprehensive service, choose the full review package available. However, if you have limited financial resources or only need an overview service, you can choose the hourly or application review options.

Veritas Prep is a great college admissions consulting firm that offers a comprehensive package to students. It’s a good option if you’re looking for support with your college admissions. It’s also great if you need help with test prep.

3. Top Tier

Top Tier Site

Top Tier have college admissions consulting options to support and counsel students from middle school, tutoring, high school, college, and masters. The college admissions consultants at Top Tier have a wealth of experience and specialize in each of these areas, empowering students to reach their dreams.

Admissions Doctors – This is a great way to describe what a college admissions consultant does. They assess and diagnose your situation and give you the potential ‘treatment’ paths you can follow. These admissions officers help college applicants to spruce up their applications and get into that top college.

Face to Face Boot Camp – Unlike many other college admissions consulting firms, Top Tier Admissions offer a face-to-face boot camp event that takes place annually in August. This camp has limited spaces and gives applicants the opportunity to meet other applicants and get in-the-moment advice from college admissions consultants.

Packages Available – There is a wide range of consulting services available from Top Tier Admissions, including specific application advice, essay assistance and editing, and support through the college admissions process.

Tutoring Services – These college admissions experts have a track record of helping nervous students achieve great test scores. They offer a range of prep courses and tutoring programmes for standardized tests, including the AP, SAT, GMAT exams, and more.

Interview Prep – Top Tier knows that it’s not just your paper application that matters. Many Ivy League schools give an interview with the college staff or Alumni. Top Tier includes interview prep in their Private College Admissions Consultant Package.

Top Tier have a personal feel. They’re upfront with the college admissions consultants that are working for the company. These college admissions consulting professionals have experience over many years and can help you to achieve your admissions dreams. They’re especially great if you know you’d benefit from a service that offers summer programmes or a boot camp.

4. College Coach from Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons site

Bright Horizons is an international education company that offers a range of services. You may even know a Bright Horizons Kindergarten in your hometown. College Coach is the service provided for college admissions consulting and admissions counseling.

Whole Package – College Coach offers a whole package for your college admissions, which is brilliant for many students. However, if you need support in a specific area, you cannot tailor the service to you.

One-on-One Support – You’ll be paired with a college advisor to support you throughout the admissions consulting experience, which helps students to perfect their applications.

Financial Advice – Unlike many other admissions consulting services, College Coach also offers some guidance on the financial aspects of college admissions, which is a very important part of securing your college application. You may even find financial aid opportunities that you wouldn’t get with other college admissions counseling services.

Package Options – College Coach has a large range of packages available to support all aspects of your application, but they can be quite pricey for the added extras.

While College Coach is a good consulting service, it has a corporate feel, which may be reflected in the service you receive. However, they offer a comprehensive experience, which includes financial advice. They’re sure to help you achieve future success and get you into one of the top universities in the country.

5. Ivy Coach

Ivy coach site

Ivy Coach holds itself as one of the leading admissions consultant firms for Ivy League schools and takes pride in having a great team of admissions officers and admissions consultants.

Free 20-minute consultation – This is a great opportunity for you to understand more about Ivy Coach services and how your application can be boosted by their experts. This is a phone call where you can ask questions and discuss your college admissions.

One Hour Consultations – For younger students in middle schools and high schools, Ivy Coach offers a one-hour consultation to talk through your college and career ideas. This is a good service for students that don’t have a guidance counselor at their school and would benefit from college admissions consulting.

Packages Available – Ivy Coach has a range of packages, including the Ulitmate Package (for big bucks) that supports college admissions of up to 20 colleges. This package is bound to bring success through Ivy Coach college admissions consulting.

You may have heard of Ivy Coach. This college admissions counseling service had been featured in a range of high-profile media outlets, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

6. Accepted

Accepted site

Accepted are an established consulting firm that has been around since the mid-nineties. They’ve helped hundreds of students to get accepted into their desired college and have a wealth of experience across their consultants.

One to One Consultant – From the team of experts, you’ll get assigned one admissions consultant to support you throughout the admissions process. They’ll get to know your application well and help you get into your ideal college.

Price Packages – Accepted have a range of time and price packages available to support all students. Maybe you’re applying last-minute, need support with your whole application, or would just like a brief overview. Accepted have got you covered!

Quick Turnaround – Accepted pride themselves on responding within a short timescale, so you’ll always get a quick service. You can pay extra for even quicker responses during the college application process.

Accepted are a good college admissions coach service if you know what you want and need, but they don’t offer many extra frills like financial advice or more than one college admissions consultant. This service is not for you if you need guidance and support across the whole admissions process.

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