Best TEAS Test Study Guides 2021-2022

ATI TEAS 6 Secrets Study Guide

​The TEAS is a highly important exam for nursing students applying to nursing schools within the USA. Many universities and colleges use the TEAS exams to determine how well a nursing student will do on their course.

As the stakes are so high for this exam, it’s important to prepare accordingly. There are many TEAS study guides and TEAS prep courses on the market to help students get into the nursing program of their choice. However, the amount of misinformation, errors, and lies present within the TEAS prep industry is horrendous.

​Many companies prey on college students because they know you have to take the test to become a nurse. Many “book recommendation” websites peddle you books that could’ve been written by an AP chem student who got a 2 on the exam.

But we’re here to fix this. We have looked through all the books, and are here to show you the best TEAS study guides that will actually get you ready for the exam.

We also have included a list of books to avoid when planning your TEAS test prep. Make sure to check those out, so you don’t fall victim to the misinformation they’re selling.

Best TEAS Prep Books & Study Materials



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ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide





ATI TEAS 6 Full Study Guide





ATI TEAS Strategies by Kaplan





ATI TEAS Flashcards




The Ultimate Prep List

We update this list regularly as new TEAS test prep courses and books are released and old ones go out of fashion, so let us know if there’s a book you think we should check out!

All the study guides on our list have different features. Some include practice exams and test questions, or review videos and online resources. Some even offer a pass guarantee, meaning if you don’t pass the exam, you get your money back. Consider which one will be best for you and your study needs.   

​1. ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide

ATI TEAS 6 Secrets Study Guide

This TEAS study guide is the best book to prepare for the TEAS exam, as it’s updated for every single version of the test.

It does a great job of covering the Reading, English, and Mathematics sections. However, the Science section may be its weak point. 

Despite any issues reviewers may have found with science, this book is your best bet for getting a high score on the exam. It’s one of the only books designed with the new TEAS in mind, and it is much better than the official test prep materials released by ATI. It features an in-depth review of each section. 

This book has three full-length practice tests with questions that closely resemble real exam questions. While the practice exams in this book may be a bit harder than the real thing, they prepare you well. This TEAS prep course book guarantees that if you pass the practice exams, you will pass the real test.

The book is hefty at nearly 400 pages, but it’s packed full of important information and test tips that will help you get into nursing school. We recommend taking the first practice exam and studying based on what you struggled with. Also, compared to the other TEAS prep books, this one could be considered short.

It also features 73 step-by-step video lessons. So if you’re someone who struggles to study with text and are more of a visual learner, this book offers you a range of study resources to help you tackle the exam.

As science is this book’s weak point, we recommend investing in another book or prep course that will help you prepare even more thoroughly. Consider purchasing the Kaplan book, studying on your own using Khan Academy, or using other online sources for extra preparation.


2. ATI TEAS 6 Full Study Guide

This is the newest book on the market and one of the best TEAS study guides there is. It’ll help you improve your test score and kickstart your nursing career in no time.  

Thus guide features an online ATI TEAS test prep course with five practice problems and tests to take. It features material that is accurate to what will come up on the test. And with glowing reviews from students who have used this ATI TEAS study guide to pass, Smart Edition is a company you can trust.

Be aware that many of the questions are harder than the actual exam. So if you’re in a time crunch, you may feel underprepared and stressed when studying from this guide. However, if you have plenty of time, we recommend starting with this book and then making use of the practice tests in the book we mentioned above. This is a good way to truly test yourself before the ATI TEAS exam.

Another huge benefit of this TEAS study guide is that it comes with online flashcards. So, if you don’t want to purchase or log around physical ones, this combo is perfect for any study schedule! Flashcards are great if you have a study group. All these different features make the ATI TEAS study guide for any learning style, as you can pick a study method that suits you.

3. Kaplan ATI TEAS Strategies

The Kaplan ATI TEAS Strategies guide is a solid prep option for your test preparation. We recommend using this to prepare for the science section, as an addition to the TEAS Secrets book mentioned above.

​The science section in this book is much better than the one above, but you might have to consult your previous textbooks or Khan Academy.

The full-length practice test and practice questions resemble the ATI TEAS exam closely. It’s worth buying this book, even if it’s simply for the two extra practice exams. Kaplan updates its book and resources annually, so you can rest assured that you’re viewing the most up-to-date content.

This TEAS test prep guide also offers 300 practice test questions online, which is nice addition but shouldn’t be the deciding factor for purchasing this book.

Kaplan is so sure of its resources, it offers a score guarantee. If you use Kaplan’s online resources, practice questions, and book but don’t see any score improvement, you get your money back. Purchasing a test prep guide with a money-back guarantee is always a good idea, as it shows the faith the company has in its book.

The Kaplan ATI TEAS Strategies may not be the best book we’ve reviewed, but it’s still a good option. We recommend buying it for the science section and the extra practice.

4. TEAS Flashcards

TEAS Flashcards

If you have to study on the go and don’t want to create your own flashcards, this is a great option for you.

This TEAS prep course book is quite expensive, ​but you get over 500 flashcards with detailed questions and answer explanations, which makes the price point worth it.

The book contains cards for all subject areas, including math, science, reading, and English. Flashcards are great for studying on the go, if your study plans change and you’re unable to access other resources, or if you’re looking for alternative testing strategies to reading out of a textbook. Everything you need to know is compactly organized in this study system.

We found a couple of tiny errors on two of the cards but considering that there are over 500 cards with no issues, that’s not a big deal.​ This test prep system is a great resource when combined with other books or TEAS prep courses from our list. Never leave a question blank again.

TEAS Books to Avoid

Unfortunately, the list of good study materials for the TEAS exam ends there.

As we have said before, the sheer amount of misinformation out there is incredible. We want to help you avoid it, so you can find a TEAS course or study guide that includes all the relevant information you need to see a score improvement and pass the ATI TEAS exam. 

ATI TEAS Review Manual: Sixth Edition Revised

This is the official TEAS prep book, which means you would expect that it’s packed full of all the information you need to pass. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

This book is very thin and sparing compared to the other study guides we’ve included on our list. It encourages you to look up online resources, without telling you where to find them.

The material the book includes is helpful, but it’s not nearly as in-depth enough. For many sections, this study guide tells you to use a different textbook or search for the information somewhere else. 

The practice questions are also unhelpful. You get only three practice questions per chapter, and they don’t match the format of the exam. The TEAS is entirely multiple-choice, but this book gives you short answer essays, and more. 

Don’t buy this book!

​Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills

This study guide used to be an amazing resource for the TEAS exam, but ever since the exam was changed in 2016, this option is now obsolete.

​This book was created to prepare you for the TEAS 5 test, and while there is some overlap between new TEAS exams and the TEAS 5 exam, it’s best to get a book that focuses on preparing you for the new exam. Many of the study guides we’ve mentioned above update their content regularly, including flashcards, online resources, and video tutorials. This means you have the most up-to-date exam prep.

However, ​it’s possible to still buy this book and use it to prepare for the new exam as long as you use other sources to ensure you’re not missing anything. You also don’t want to study extraneous information that you don’t need.

The science section in this book is great. While there was a shift from scientific reasoning to more set-in-stone scientific concepts for the new exam, this book will still provide valuable information for it.

​ATI TEAS Practice Tests Version 6

This ATI TEAS study guide is full of misinformation.

The book states that it was created for the new exam, but only the cover has been updated. It’s still the same book that was made for the TEAS 5, with the same content and practice tests.

The book also has a large number of mistakes in the science and math section. Often, the answer key doesn’t match up with the practice questions.

​ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide: TEAS Review Manual

Unfortunately, this book is guaranteed to bring your TEAS score down instead of up. This study guide appears to have been written by someone with no understanding of science. It’s as if it’s not been edited at all.

This book has an incredible amount of mistakes and errors, and it’s very similar to their TEAS 5 one.

McGraw- Hill Education TEAS Value Pack

The quality of the books in this study package is excellent, but, unfortunately, they were made for the TEAS 5 exam and not the newer ones.

It doesn’t mention which version of the exam this pack will help you tackle anywhere on the books or the combo pack. This means it may not help you prepare for the new exam at all.


Taking the ATI TEAS exam can be daunting, especially with your future on the line. But having a good study plan and the right information will guarantee you pass the test. We’re sure you have many questions about the exam, so here’s everything you need to know.

How long is the exam?

The exam is 209 minutes, with 55 minutes dedicated to Reading, 57 to Math, 60 to Science, and 37 to English and Language Usage.

​How is the TEAS scored?

​There are a total of 170 questions on the exam, but only 150 of those will be scored.

You will get a percentage correct for each section, as well as an overall percentage for the completed test.

​How many hours should you study for the TEAS?

​It depends on how well you remember your math and science.

Test takers often find that the reading and writing sections are generally easier than the rest of the exam, but the math and science are harder. Most people struggle with science, so we recommend taking a practice exam and seeing how well you do. 

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and purchase a review guide based on that. The best way to work out areas of struggle is to use practice questions. Getting a guide with full-length practice tests is sure to help with your test prep. There is little point in getting a book that helps with Math, Science, and English if your area of struggle is Math.

We recommend studying for at least 10 hours, but some people might have to do only 5, and others might have to do more than 50. ​

Can I use TEAS V books to prepare for the new TEAS exam?

​We don’t recommend using an older book to prepare for the new exam. This is because you’ll have to study material that is on the new exam but not on the old one. There’s a high chance that you might miss something, so we recommend buying study guides created specifically for the new TEAS.​ We have included a few ATI TEAS 6 review guides, but these include updated information for the new ATI TEAS exam. 

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