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ACT Discounts & Promo Offers

The ACT is what stands between you and the college of your dreams. To get into the best schools, then you need to make sure that you use your preparation time wisely by doing an ACT prep course. It will allow you to get the best marks possible. ACT prep courses cost money, though. And […]

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My Roundabout Way of Getting a 35 on the ACT

I had a weird path to getting a 35 on the ACT.I didn’t buy any study guides or prep books, and I didn’t look up stuff online.Instead, I had a secret test-taking weapon: I started early.Super early.My First ACT ExamI took the ACT for the first time at the end of 6th grade.Mom signed me […]

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Best ACT Prep Books 2019-2020

​Going to college is a major milestone. More and more, you begin making decisions and actions that have a considerable effect on where you will go in life.Taking the ACT is an important part of this transition before you finally step foot on the college or university of your dreams.With that, to say that you need […]

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