Complete List of PSAT Approved Calculators

While a calculator isn't required for the PSAT, we still recommend that you bring one because it will make your life much easier.

All questions can be solved without a calculator, but why waste your time and risk messing up when doing calculations by hand when you can just punch it in you calculator and know you got the right answer?

We have a list of calculators you can use, calculators you can't use, and general info about calculator use on the exam.

Calculators You Can Bring

​These calculators are definitely allowed on the exam, so bring one from this list if you can!

  • Casio
  • HP
  • TI
  • Sharp
  • Radioshack
  • FX-6000
  • FX-6200
  • FX-6300
  • FX-6500
  • FX-7000
  • FX-7300
  • FX-7400
  • FX-7500
  • FX-7700
  • FX-7800
  • FX-8000
  • FX-8500
  • FX-9700
  • FX-9750
  • FX-9860
  • CFX-9800
  • CFX-9850
  • CFX-9950
  • CFX-9970
  • FX 1.0
  • Algebra FX 2.0
  • FX-CG-10
  • FX-CG-20
  • FX-CG-500
  • Graph25
  • Graph35
  • Graph75
  • Graph95
  • Graph100

Other Potential Options:

If a calculator isn't on the list above you still might be able to use it. You just have to make sure that it:

  • ​Doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard
  • Doesn't require a stylus
  • Can't connect to the Internet, has no camera, audio, or video features
  • Doesn't need an outlet to work
  • Doesn't make noise
  • Doesn't have paper tape

You can also always use scientific or four function calculators.

Some Calculator Tips

​We've got a couple calculator tips for you for the PSAT.

  • ​Don't try to use the calculator for every single problem. A calculator might make your life 10x easier on one of them, but it might also make it 10x harder on a different problem. See if there's a faster way to do the problem without a calculator first before trying to use it.
  • Don't share a calculator with other test takers! You might be surprised at this, but so many people come in thinking that they can share calculators and end up either getting their tests cancelled, or have to take the test without a calculator.
  • Make sure you have extra batteries for your calculator and you know how to use it. Don't borrow your friend's latest TI-x9921219 model if you only know how to use the most basic scientific one. It's better to have what you know then try to figure out an advanced model during an exam.

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