examPAL GRE Review

examPAL was set up by software experts to create a unique personalized study algorithm that will help you ace the GMAT and GRE. They’re supported by expert tutors that have curated online lessons and online resources to help boost your GRE score. examPAL are unique in their approach to GRE test prep as their focus is on creating great online learning software to help you succeed in the GRE.

Unlike many other online courses, examPAL is tailored to you, your style of learning, and your strengths and weaknesses in the test. You won’t just be given one lump of learning material to wade through and make the best of. You’ll be gifted a crafted and specialized study program to support you and help you get your best GRE score.

In this examPAL GRE review, we’ll break down the elements that make this course great, including test prep, study resources, and practice questions. We’ll also look at the pricing packages and how you can start learning with examPAL today.

Price Packages

examPAL GRE pricing

There are three options with examPAL GRE, all of which come with test prep materials that cover all areas of the test. All the courses provide online access to resources, and some packages have additional features where you can speak to a tutor.

The Genius Package is priced at $599 and comes with additional resources – six essay reviews, three tutoring sessions one to one, and an hour with an admissions consultant. You’ll have access to the online resources for six months, and it comes with a 7 point increase guarantee!

The Genius Package also has all the resources included in lower packages, including 6 ETS practice tests. The exclusive extra features with tutors help to balance the quality of their learning resources, compared to other companies. This premium plan will benefit those students who need a firm starting point and some guidance as they progress through their study.

The Premium Plan is the next level down and includes great resources, including tons of practice questions, 4 ETS practice GRE test experiences. This package is priced at $349 and has great reviews, but if you have the budget, you should stretch to the genius package, as the added extras make it worth your time.

Answer Strategies

examPAL is all about teaching you techniques to quickly and correctly answer the GRE questions. Many students get the knowledge needed but don’t always have the skill and right way to solve each question on the test.

If you’ve completed the GRE before, or find that your thinking doesn’t align with traditional learning techniques, then examPAL could be a great way for you to complete a course focused on GRE prep, with a difference.

The course teaches you how to quickly and accurately answer prep questions so that in the test, you’ll have a range of tools to use instead of being confused and wasting time.


examPAL site Palgorithm

The examPAL team has created a set of strategies to help you answer each GRE question in the best way possible. PAL stands for Precise, Alternative, Logic, and equips you with three methods for solving questions. Instead of bombarding you with options and possibilities, they have you to save time in the exam by arming you with these three strategies.

examPAL was built on a desire to provide personalized and specialist learning to students across America. It was started by two software developers that created the PALgorithm that we know today and that many students have benefited from.

When you start learning with examPAL, you take an initial assessment that helps you to personalize your course. It assesses your abilities and problem-solving techniques and then provides you with teaching methods, feedback, and questions to suit your thinking and learning type.

Personalized learning is brilliant for students that struggle to build and stick to their own online study plan. It can help to boost your GRE score. Through the unique examPAL GRE PALgorthim, you can get a better understanding of yourself, and what you need from prep courses.

PAL stands for Precise Alternative and Logic. These are the three ways to answer GRE questions. Once you have mastered your understanding of these, you will be able to solve many of the questions quickly and easily. You will learn how to identify if a question could best be answered using precise alternatives or logic.

Many questions have one answer, but several ways to solve it. This, in turn, will enhance your knowledge of the question areas and pull your score higher naturally. It will help you to use the fastest way of solving questions during test prep, and so save you precious time in the GRE exam.

The PALgorithm is unique to examPAL, and there are not many other prep courses that put their focus on problem-solving techniques and practice. If you know that this is a key area for your learning, then consider using one of examPAL’s GRE courses to boost your study and overall score. Review the student examPAL reviews and comments on their website for more info.

Free Trial

examPAL GRE free trial

examPAL offers a free trial for seven days with no credit card required so that you can access and review some of their resources before starting on the course. This is a great way to see a different type of GRE prep course and practice exams, and figure out if this type of GRE practice is right for you. Make the most of the free trial by logging in on each of the seven days and fully exploring the resources.


As with all our review articles, we bring the good with the bad. We consider the cons of each company and course. examPAL is unique in its personalized prep course and clever problem solving, but it does fall in learning materials and tutor qualifications.

Therefore, it’s not clear how high the quality of learning materials is and whether this would be right for you. It also doesn’t have a program for those wanting to score 700+ points, so if you’re looking for these factors, check out our Best GRE Prep Courses article.

Expert Tutors – Some companies and courses use only the best tutors. Those who have completed the GRE with top percentile scores have graduated from Ivy League school. They have had years of experience in teaching and great student reviews.

These companies, like Manhattan Prep or Princeton Review, also post some information about their tutors, which you can research online. examPAL has a team of tutors and customer service representatives available and listed on their website. However, they may not be as experienced as those working for larger companies.

The study resources that you can access from examPAL GRE are all online, which is great if this is your best way to learn. They don’t offer any face to face lessons, tutoring sessions, or real-life practice tests like some other larger companies do, so you’ll miss out on that classroom feel.


Overall, examPAL is a great GRE course if you’re looking for something a little different and want support, particularly in how to answer questions quickly. Take a look at student reviews to see if this course is worth your time.

If you’ve taken the GRE previously, got a good score and have a good level of general knowledge, but fell down in quickly answering the questions, then this could be the ideal premium plan for you.

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