How Long Should You Study for the LSAT?

Most prep companies recommend 150-300 hours of prep before the LSAT, but is that actually necessary?

Or can you get a good score while prepping much less?

Find out here.

First of all: there is a large variety of people that take the LSAT and there is on "one size fits all" approach.

Some people study like crazy for 3-5 months.

Some people spread out their studying over a year.

And some people lightly study for about a month.

What Are Your Goals?

First of all: what is the score you want?

And second: how far away are you from your score?

At this point you should have already taken, or be preparing to take a practice test from one of our recommended books

This should give you a general idea of how you would do on the exam.

From there, you should take at what your weakest section is.

Is it something that can be easily improved like the Logic Games section?

Or is it something harder like the Reading section?

How Much Time Can You REALLY Dedicate To Studying?

You can say you'll study 40 hours per week and create a complete and perfect schedule.

But will you actually?

Life will come up.

Parties, events, friends, family emergencies, work, etc. 

You might get close to burn out and watch all 5 seasons of some show of Netflix and there goes your 40 hour "study-week."

And even if you can do 40 hours for a couple weeks, can you really maintain that same study schedule for however long you need to study for?

Be honest.

So What's the Actual Number?

There is none.

Study until you're happy with your practice score (we recommend taking 1 full practice exam every 2 weeks or so).​​​​

This might take you 2 weeks.

Might take you a year.

Might take you 3 months.

No one can just give you a number unless they're completely making it up.

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