Kaplan GRE Review

Kaplan is an international company that has a great reputation for its online learning for standardized tests, including the GRE, GMAT, and SAT exams.

Over the years, they have helped thousands of students around the world to get great scores and be accepted into the college or graduate program they desire. We’ve reviewed their GRE courses to help you choose if Kaplan is right for you and your learning.

Kaplan GRE prep courses

All their courses are online and have been created by experts in teaching and exams. Their courses are comprehensive, lead by expert teachers, and highly recommended by students. Each year Kaplan supports over 2 million students through tests like the GRE exam.

Kaplan has a huge pool of resources, including practice questions, full-length tests, and live or on-demand video lessons. These resources, added with the experienced teachers, makes Kaplan a popular choice for students that are studying the GRE exam.

Kaplan GRE is an online platform and is the big brother of virtual learning – rising above its competitors. Kaplan has a better learning offering than Magoosh or similar sites, with more resources and better teachers. If you’re looking specifically for web-based learning, then consider Kaplan in your top 3 for a GRE Prep Course.

In this Kaplan GRE review article, we’ll break down the highs and lows of studying with Kaplan GRE, and why these courses are a cut above the rest.

The best features of Kaplan prep courses for GRE are:

Fair Price – Both the Self Paced and Live Online courses are well priced at $499 and $999, respectively.

Live Online Course – Kaplan’s main route is a series of online lessons, with a teacher and classmates, the ultimate learning experience.

Practice Tests – Kaplan provides seven computer-based practice tests for you to complete during your study – a fantastic resource.

Official Test Day Experience – Exclusive to Kaplan, you’ll have a test day experience before you complete the real GRE.

Price Packages

Kaplan GRE offers two great test prep course GRE packages that are well priced and suitable for those with a smaller budget. Let’s review the two study routes that Kaplan offers.

Self Paced – This package costs $449 for six months of online access, which is a great price and works out to be $83 a month. This Self Paced GRE course gives you access to all online materials to complete at your own pace. This includes 180 hours of video lessons, over 5,000 practice questions, and practice tests.

You also get the Official Test Day Experience, access to 7 full-length practice tests, and 2 GRE Prep books sent to your home. No other self-paced online course offers this many resources for such a great cost, which really puts Kaplan above the rest.

Live Online – This package is a series of live lectures that take you through a scheduled GRE test prep course plan. This GRE prep course is available for $999, which is a series of scheduled lessons hosted online by experts teaching you and a group of classmates.

The scheduled sessions run across one month, with two sessions each week. These sessions are 3 hours long, totaling 21 hours of live instruction sessions. This course requires a time commitment and dedication to attend all the sessions.

The Live Online course also comes with all the online resources, including on-demand video instruction, seven practice tests, Official Test Day Expertise, practice questions, and 2 GRE Prep Books. Although Kaplan do not state how long you have access to this course, we’re assuming you can access the online resources for six months.

Plus Packages – Both the Self Paced and Live Online options also have a PLUS package available, which includes some 1 to 1 tutoring and additional resources for the GRE Math sections. This is a great option if you’re looking for some additional support with your study plan, or help with particular areas of the GRE, or the Math sections.

Furthermore, if you’re the type of student that responds well to guidance, and needs to be held accountable or have concepts explained uniquely, then private tutoring may be a good option for you to add to your GRE prep course.

Compared to other online learning platforms, Kaplan’s offering is really comprehensive and well priced. While some other platforms may be cheaper – closer to $200 for six months – when you start to review the resources included, they don’t match up to Kaplan. Kaplan offers an ideal GRE package for many students as it’s affordable for most, and is rich in learning material for the GRE.

Video Lessons

Kaplan GRE turoring

Kaplan has over 180 hours of video lessons available, which can either be accessed online or through scheduled Live Online sessions. Both routes are led by expert teachers that have experience in the GRE and supporting students.

The videos and learning resources have been created by Kaplan’s expert teachers and are regularly reviewed and updated to give you the best learning experience. Kaplan also has an additional learning platform called the GRE Channel, where they host video lessons and video explanations.

You can watch these GRE test prep videos multiple times, and you can pause and rewind the videos to match your study pace, unlike in the classroom. Kaplan helps you to learn on-demand, wherever you are, and at your own pace.

GRE Topics

The GRE courses offered by Kaplan are comprehensive and cover all areas of the GRE test, including the math and verbal section. Kaplan will help you to review each area of the GRE test in detail and gain a good understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Set up your prep plan to focus on one area at a time so that you can review and complete all the available prep and test materials, and get the best score for that section. If you need extra math support, the PLUS options are available to enhance your test prep and offer additional learning in the math sections, and 1 to 1 tutoring time.

Personalized Study Plan

Kaplan GRE study plan

To help boost your learning even further, Kaplan provides you with a personalized GRE study plan that will accompany your study. The plan will help to identify strength areas and areas to focus on and will help you to plan and schedule these accordingly.

The QBank platform also gives you progress reports, and you’ll have scores from your practice exams too. If you’re on the Live Online Course, the study timetable will follow the outline of each session and suggest supporting practice materials. It may be less personalized than the Self Guided route.

Remember, a plan is only as good as the person following it! You need to work hard and focus on your GRE test prep to get a great result on your GRE score.

Practice Questions

Kaplan understands the value of trying and trying again, which is why they have over 5,000 practice GRE questions available for you to complete throughout your study. Practice questions are an excellent tool for understanding your strengths and weaknesses in different areas of the test prep.

Practice problems also help you to build an understanding of how to use the best answer strategy to assess the question and identify the correct answer quickly. With the GRE test, you have around one minute to answer each question, so GRE practice and test prep are going to be vital.

Kaplan has created a practice question platform called QBank. QBank is a quiz platform that hosts practice problems across all sections of the GRE, including the math and verbal section. The quizzes are customizable so that you can choose to work on your weaknesses.

For each question and answer, there’s a detailed explanation that teaches you if the answer was correct or incorrect – and why. Having the feedback and building your understanding of which answer is correct and why is a fantastic tool that will help to quickly grow your GRE score and get you ready for the GRE test.

Practice GRE Test

Kaplan GRE Practice Test

Kaplan offers seven full-length practice exams for you to complete, giving you the ultimate test prep. This is a great offering that not all online courses have, and unlike some other courses, the questions in the practice exams are not taken from your bank of practice questions.

Completing a practice test is the best way to understand your GRE score, where you need to improve, and where your strong areas are. With seven tests to complete during your prep course, you have the flexibility to try out your skills at the start of the course, in the middle, and just before the actual test. Completing practice GRE tests will boost your score without you even realizing it.

Official Test Day Experience

As part of the Kaplan GRE course packages, they also organize an official GRE test day experience. Before you take the actual test, you’ll have an opportunity set up to visit a certified test center and take a practice exam.

You’ll get an understanding of what to do on GRE test day and experience where you’ll be sat, what the equipment is like, and the pressure that comes with the exam.

This is a great opportunity if you’re anxious about the GRE test and want to take a full practice test to understand the whole experience. Then on test day, your nerves will be calmed, you’ll be well prepared, and you’ll get the GRE score you deserve.

Physical Resources

Kaplan GRE Physical Resources

In a tri factor move, Kaplan GRE supports your learning with on-demand videos, live lecture sessions, and physical GRE prep guides delivered to your door. You’ll receive two GRE prep books from Kaplan once you enroll on a course.

GRE prep guides are great for adding extra materials, explanations, and test questions to your study. You also get a different perspective on the exam as the books usually have different language or structure to your online course.

Physical resources like study guides are ideal for students that like to make notes, read and highlight or prefer not to always work from a computer. Not all online courses offer study books, so this is a bonus and will boost your GRE prep.


If you’re looking for additional tutoring to accompany your study, Kaplan for GRE has tutor sessions available at an extra cost with their experienced teaching staff. This option is available for both students taking the Self Paced or Live Online course.

With the Live Online course, you may find that your teacher will answer your questions and queries, and there may be less need for tutoring ontop of that provision. However, additional tutoring is great if you’re the type of student that needs challenging or additional explanation to understand a complex concept.

Additional tutoring can also help to keep you on the right track with your study and test prep as your tutor can offer encouragement or stern words of advice.


In this GRE Kaplan review, we’ve looked at all the benefits and materials included in each of the Kaplan packages, so it’s time to look at the drawbacks. Kaplan is one of the best online companies offering GRE courses, so there are only a few negative points that we could find and review.

The main drawback of Kaplan GRE is that it doesn’t have a mobile app. In this day and age, a mobile app is a basic expectation for many students, and, surprisingly, a company as large as Kaplan has no provision for this.

Although a mobile app interface can be difficult to answer questions and complete test prep, many students like to track their progress or watch videos on the go – on the bus, at home, or in the library. If having an accessible app is an important factor for you, then consider our Best GRE Prep Courses article.

Furthermore, we’ve found that Kaplan do not have a specific service for offering feedback on the written essay sections of the GRE, and this may not be included in your test prep. Some courses offer feedback on essays you have written, which is delivered by experienced teachers that have helped students through GRE test prep for many years.

And finally, while Kaplan’s courses are a brilliant learning experience for many students, some students are looking to get the highest possible scores, and they will need a program that excels their learning and answering techniques. While some platforms offer an elite program to support the top-notch students, Kaplan do not. If you need a program like that, have a look at our Manhattan Prep and Princeton Review articles, as they offer elite study programs.


Overall, we highly recommend the packages offered by Kaplan for your GRE study. Throughout this review, we have highlighted and explained the positive aspects of the courses and also where they may fall short. We are always balanced in our review articles and aim to help you make the best decision for your learning. That being said, Kaplan should be in your top three choices.

The main advantages of studying with Kaplan are the price, the wealth of resources, including practice tests, and the expert teachers that support your learning. The courses are well priced compared to competitors and are generally affordable for most students.

Kaplan also offers payment plans that are 0% APR, so you’re not required to pay a large sum in advance. At $499 and $999, the courses are ideal for students with a small budget and six months before their exam.

Furthermore, the range of materials offered by Kaplan makes it a comprehensive course that is hard for competitors to stand up to. These include 180 hours of videos, practice problems, and seven practice tests to complete, all of which will boost your GRE score and help you to work through your prep plan.

Kaplan also includes an Official Test Day experience for their students, so that you can really understand what it will be like to take the GRE and ease off some pressure you may feel on the day of the actual exam.

Kaplan should be in the top 3 options for all students, as their value is undeniable and will benefit most types of students. These courses have many advantages and hardly any drawbacks. They are set at a reasonable price. Be sure to consider Kaplan when choosing a course to complete GRE prep.

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