Magoosh GMAT Review

Magoosh is our top choice for online GMAT courses as it’s one of the leading course providers for standardized tests. In this Magoosh GMAT review, we’ve explored their different packages, video lessons, and practice questions included, as well as other resources.

They offer a comprehensive package at a reasonable price, and so are often the first choice for students that need general support to increase their scores in the GMAT.

Magoosh offers a good all-round course that you can access online for one year, which is great for busy students or those who may want to take more than one GMAT test. The course is delivered online. There are no face to face lessons, or expert tutors available for additional support like some other larger companies offer.

If you’re looking to get 500-600 points on the GMAT and increase your understanding of the exam, strategies for answering, and general knowledge, then Magoosh could be the right course for you. With year-long access and a reasonable price, most students can benefit from their resources.

Here are the top pros of Magoosh GMAT Prep courses:

  1. Price – one of the cheapest GMAT courses available that’s full of high-quality content.
  2. Online Access – all of your learning is online, so there are no heavy textbooks to carry around. Learn wherever you are
  3. User Friendly – the Magoosh online portal is easy to use with a clear layout and progress tracking
  4. Full Year of Access – Magoosh is one of the only platforms to offer a full year of access
  5. Video Explanations – For each practice question, there is a short video, explaining how to get to the correct answer, so you’ll always understand the solution

Price Packages

Magoosh GMAT site pricing

Magoosh offers three price packages. Two are self-study, and the third is a guided study plan. These plans from Magoosh range from $220 up to over $1000. They’re even less with the discounts we have available. Magoosh has a wide price range to make the packages accessible to lots of students across the US.

They plan to help more people get a great GMAT score and get accepted at the school they desire. In our review, we’ve broken down each of these packages to help you decide which is the most suitable for your wallet and education.

The cheapest option is to study exclusively Math and Integrated Reasoning, which comes in at $220 and exclusively includes learning for these areas. It’s a great option if you know that these are your weakest areas, and you have a budget.

The standard package that Magoosh labels as Premium comes in at $439. Magoosh reviews and explains all areas of the GMAT exam to support your prep. This is the perfect all-round package for proactive self-learners. The third package is the most expensive as it’s a Guided Study.

It includes six hours of tutoring and 1-2-1 support sessions, on top of the Premium online course. In the next section, we break down the packages, and all the learning elements included to help you decide if a Magoosh online course is right for you.

Self Study

Magoosh is the ultimate for self-study and offers two packages at great prices. The Math and Integrated Reasoning package will help you to focus and develop in these two areas, which many students struggle with the most.

The Premium package covers all areas of the GMAT. It’s a comprehensive offer that will help to boost your GMAT score by at least 50 points. If you’re not good at self-study, then consider a different company that’ll have tutors available to help hold you to account.

Premium Package

Magoosh GMAT premium

Magoosh GMAT prep course offers learning across all areas of the GMAT, including Quantitive Math, Verbal Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning. Magoosh provides over 340 online video lessons, which you can watch anytime during the course.

Magoosh also has over 1,300 practice questions in their question bank across the four sections, which averages at about 320 questions per section. You should always get fresh questions from the question bank. Two practice tests are made up of the practice questions available.

The topics help you to improve on the verbal section, sentence correction, quantitative math and logic, and much more. Magoosh review will help you to improve on all areas of the actual GMAT and increase your overall score.

The most popular aspects of the Magoosh GMAT courses are the video lessons and explanations for questions, which help students with their test prep and reflecting on where they need to improve.

Math and Integrated Reasoning Package

This package is exclusively looking at the Math and Integrated Reasoning sections. It’s great for students that are getting good overall scores but need to improve on these areas. Remember, test prep for these areas is extra difficult. There are CAT sections in the actual GMAT test, which means Computer Adaptive.

This means that the questions provided change based on the correct and incorrect answers you provide. If you answer correctly, it will give you a more difficult question to answer. This is why many students like to focus exclusively on these areas, and why Magoosh provides this selective package.

Furthermore, if you’re on a budget, then this option might be good for you. You may be able to easily boost your score in the other areas like verbal reasoning and need more specific GMAT prep in these key elements. They also have a big impact on your overall GMAT score, so it’s important to focus on them and fully prepare!

Guided Study – Tutoring + Premium Package

Magoosh GMAT guided study premium

If you’re looking for additional support to perfect your math, sentence correction, and grammar skills, you may benefit from the tutoring package, which layers on top of the Magoosh GMAT Premium course.

This includes six hours of tutoring and 1-2-1 video chat support sessions with your tutor. Magoosh tutors will help to boost your GMAT prep by giving you targeted support, and actual GMAT live lessons, keeping you on track with your study plan.

This package also benefits from all the features included in the Premium course, including video lessons, video expectations, test prep resources, and questions to practice with. Magoosh tutors have a good level of experience in learning and teaching, and you can view their student satisfaction rates online.

Optimum Scores

Magoosh offers a good range of resources for the cost and is best suited to those that don’t need to do in-depth GMAT prep. Magoosh courses are great if you want an optimum score of around 500 – 600 and want to boost this by 50 to 100 points.

If you’re looking to get into the top percentile of scores and a top school, have a look at the other course providers that we’ve reviewed, some of which have programs for over 700 scorers.

Score Guarantee

Magoosh offers one of the best score guarantee programs available for online courses. It guarantees an increase of 50 and more points on your previous GMAT score. This only applies if you’ve previously taken the GMAT and meet the criteria.

They guarantee that you’ll improve your overall score by at least 50 points. If not, they’ll give you a full refund. Make sure to read the terms and conditions, but for most students, your score will go up!

Mobile App

Magoosh mobile app

Magoosh understands that students are always on the go and sometimes squeeze in studying around jobs, communities, education, and family. That’s why Magoosh offers its platform on mobile devices with a great user interface. This is included in the main price.

The Magoosh app is developed to allow you to do a practice question or watch a live online video on the go. You can pick up from where you left off. The app tracks your progress and gives you access to all resources as you would have on a PC or laptop. It’s a brilliant solution for keeping track of your study.

Online Whiteboard

When you complete the actual GMAT test, you have access to an online whiteboard. This is a small notes area where you can work out math problems, note sentence structures, or key points from the reading. Magoosh is one of the only companies that provide an online whiteboard as part of the Magoosh GMAT test prep, and it’s a relatively new feature.

This is great for you to learn how the whiteboard works, and use it with the mouse and keyboard. Having experience of the tools in the GMAT test will help to boost your score, as you won’t be flustered by alien technology. When you’re in the actual GMAT exam, you’ll have great knowledge and experience with how the whiteboard works from your test prep.

Video Feedback

When you’re studying online and completing practice questions, it can be hard to know if you’re on the right track and whether your answers are getting a good score. Magoosh makes this easy with online feedback and video explanations for every question.

This helps you to understand where you might be going wrong. These video explanations will help with your learning and enable you to quickly understand concepts, correct your mistakes, and boost your score.

Many other courses will just have text explanations, and it can be difficult to really understand a quantitative math problem or complex sentence with just a static text response. These short feedback videos are a great resource that will boost your GMAT score as you continue to learn and develop.

1 Year of Access

Magoosh is one of the only companies that provide more than six months of access to their resources, as they allow a year for this course to be completed. This gives brilliant flexibility to students, as you can study slowly for a longer time before taking the GMAT to make sure you’re fully prepared.

There are four major areas to this exam, and in total, it’s over three hours long, so having more time to study is a bonus. Alternatively, if you think you’ll need to take the exam more than once, you can study before both tests within the year of access.

All packages also have access to study schedules and checklists to help you stay on track with your studying. It’s essential to build a plan and stick to it so that you can work through all sections of the GMAT prep.

Also, you can pause your plan if you need to, and restart it later. This option gives great flexibility to students who have unpredictable schedules and may need to take a break. The pause feature is one that is exclusive to Magoosh, and not offered by many other courses.

Score Predictor

Magoosh score predictor

Magoosh is one of the only companies to offer a score prediction service. This is based on your progress, answers to practice questions, and achieved scores from students that have previously completed the Magoosh course and GMAT. This is a good way to assess how well you’re progressing.

It can indicate some areas that you may need to improve on to get the score you’d like. If you haven’t taken the GMAT before, then it’s also a good way to predict the score that you might get in the GMAT, which can help when you’re applying to schools. The score predictor function is again, something that is unique to Magoosh and not offered by many other review courses.


As with all our review articles, we include the good stuff with the bad, and here are the cons of Magoosh GMAT Prep online courses. It’s important to consider the cons of these actual GMAT courses so that you have a full understanding of the learning that’s available.

Firstly, Magoosh practice tests are made from the bank of practice questions, so when you start the course, you’re asked to put a certain number of questions ‘aside’ to use in the practice tests. This means your question bank has dropped considerably from the initial 1,300 questions available and limits the amount of practice you can complete.

The practice tests will also seem less like a real-life simulation, as they will not be Computer Adaptive in the Quantitive and Verbal Reasoning sections, which is what they’ll be in the GMAT. This means that the score system that Magoosh uses is different from the GMAT score system, and so your practice exam score may not be a true reflection.

If you have exam anxieties or would like to do a full practice exam, check out the other courses available which offer multiple full-length CAT practice exams.

Another downside is that Magoosh does not have a full staff of expert tutors and teachers, like other large course companies. Tutors have designed Their material, and they are available on email, along with customer service representatives, but don’t expect a high level of support for your questions.

If you’re someone that needs high-quality teachers or a high level of accountability, then maybe check out another GMAT course to get the score you need for school.

Another problem with the Magoosh GMAT Prep Courses is that they cater to one main learning style. If you’re a visual learner and enjoy using technology, you’ll probably thrive on the video lessons, explanations, and questions included in the prep courses.

If, however, you prefer physical resources, and you like to write notes and use textbooks, then Magoosh might not be for you. Some other companies offer physical resources, including the GMAT Official Guide. Have a look at our Best GMAT Prep Courses article.


Overall, Magoosh is our top choice for online GMAT courses, as they offer an excellent comprehensive package and a reasonable price. It is designed with students in mind who are looking for a score of 500-600 points and can be successful with self-study.

The online resources are a great fit for many learners. The course is completely online, which is perfect for busy students and those on the go, as you can pick up your learning with the mobile app.

If, however, you’re looking for a more comprehensive package that has additional features, including CAT practice tests, tutors on hand to support or a 750 score program, then take a look at courses that we’ve recommended in our Best GMAT Prep Course article.

If you’re thinking of using Magoosh and want to learn more, check out their free 7-day trial and experience and review the course materials yourself!

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