Manhattan Prep GMAT Review

In this Manhattan Prep GMAT review article, get the latest information, pros, and cons on their range of GMAT courses. Manhattan Prep has been providing test prep courses for 20 years. They are really experienced and are proven to help students succeed.

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Manhattan Prep was started in 2000 by Yale Graduate Zeke Varderhoek with the mission to provide excellent prep courses for students. These weren’t easily available at the time. Zeke began to develop courses to support students taking the SAT, GRE, and GMAT as they applied to colleges and grad schools.

These days, Manhattan Prep pride themselves on only hiring the best and top percentile GMAT scorers that also have experience as teachers. This ensures that their students have expert lessons and experienced support staff to lean on.

They have so far helped over 1 million students with their prep courses, which cover the GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT. In addition, Manhattan Prep offers admissions consulting for students hoping to get into the best colleges and business schools.

The GMAT course that Manhattan Prep offers is comprehensive in the wealth of resources available to use. They’re a trusted company that is built by experienced teachers who have helped hundreds of students. They’ve even been through the complex test themselves.

Manhattan Prep knows that everyone learns differently, so they offer two routes of studying their GMAT course; you can either take the self-guided route or the instructed tutor-led route.

Self Guided Courses

Manhattan Prep

As part of the self-guided route, you’ll have access to all the online materials and resources, meaning you can access whenever you’d like, over six months. Use the study plan to build your learning around your life and obligations, and study at your own pace. The complete package comes in at just under $1,000, so it’s more expensive than some but worth the cost.

Interact – Learning System

One factor that makes Manhattan GMAT Prep Courses stand out from the crowd is its award-winning student platform: Interact. Most courses have a platform where video lessons and materials are hosted. Buy Manhattan Prep has advanced this technology. They’ve developed a platform that students actually INTERACT with!

Embedded in their videos are questions, quizzes, and exercises to get your brain thinking and build your understanding. The technology adapts to you. If you answer a question correctly, you may get a tougher problem. If you’re answering incorrectly, it will guide you through a detailed lesson.

Manhattan Prep’s Interact Platform is the best virtual teacher package available. It’s leaps and bounds better than static programs from other companies. It’s more than just video lessons and practice questions, and it really helps you with test prep for the GMAT.

Video Content and Practice Tests

Manhattan Prep has created over 35 interactive video lessons that cover every aspect of the GMAT. These are taught by teaching experts who achieved an impressively high score when they took the test. These lessons can be paused, rewatched, skipped, and played on repeat – whatever helps you with your learning.

The online resources include six full-length computer adaptive practice tests, which you can take at any time. These tests are computer-adaptive in the same way as the GMAT. They help to make sure you’re ready for test day and the style of the GMAT test. In addition, the package includes essay grading software to evaluate and improve your essays.

On the Go

The Interact platform is compatible with computers, laptops, and tablets so that you can complete work on the go, wherever you are. It also ensures that your progress is saved, and so you won’t have to complete sections again on different devices. In addition, the platform will let you skip, fast forward, and go back to different sections, providing a flexible base for you to build your learning.

GMAT Guide Book

Manhattan Prep Gmat Book

As part of the online course, Manhattan Prep will also send the Official Guide Book for GMAT to your door. This resource is excellent for those learners that like to read, take notes, and revise strategies. The official guide book contains strategy guides, practice questions, and GMAT strategy advice. As the GMAC publishes the book, it may have different language and layouts to the Manhattan Prep course, offering you another perspective on the test.

Just Quant or Verbal

If you’ve taken the GMAT before, or have high self-awareness of your skills, you may know that you need support in just the Quantitive or Verbal section. Manhattan Prep understands this and offers two smaller courses that only have Quantitative materials or Verbal materials, respectively. This is a cheaper option at just under $600 and is brilliant if you’re looking for targeted learning and practice in one of these areas. Both of these courses still benefit from using the Interact online system and printed book resources.

Coaching Sessions Available

If you’re someone who benefits from 1-2-1 learning from an expert teacher, or you’re aware that you always get stuck on a particular section, then consider adding coaching sessions to your package. Coaching sessions come at an additional cost, and you’ll be assigned an experienced teacher who will help you through the GMAT Prep Manhattan course. This is a great option for those that want flexible coaching and expert advice.

Instructed Courses

Manhattan GMAT courses online

Manhattan Prep is one of the only companies to run in-person courses using their centers across the US. The instructed route includes online courses, boot camps, and private tutoring packages to help you study and hold you to account. These packages help you to benefit from the large team of tutors through live online lessons, feedback, and responses to your questions.

Personal tutoring is also available at an extra charge from Manhattan GMAT Prep. You can physically attend lessons from expert teachers. These will help boost your understanding, scores, and accountability. Many resources are also available online for you to access at any time, as well as live online sessions. Their most intensive course is the Bootcamp, which is delivered in person over three weeks.

Boot Camp

Boot Camps take place across two or three weeks with intensive class work and individual tasks. These are lead by expert tutors and have 35 hours of instruction, so you’ll need to be committed both mentally and have the time to attend the classes.

These boot camps will make sure that you’re getting high-quality teaching and that you understand the full course. As these are super intense, they require time commitment, but it’s worth it for the GMAT strategy that you’ll gain and the content you’ll learn.

Boot Camps are available in locations across the US, so you should be able to find a camp near you. They are also available online, where you’ll attend the 35 hours of instruction through online live lessons. You’ll also have access to 6 online GMAT practice tests and full access to online resources, which include on-demand videos, practice questions, and helpful resources. Boot Camps are a great way to build a sense of community with fellow classmates, and you may find a great study buddy or lifelong friend from this course.

Live GMAT Course

Manhattan Prep Gmat Courses

Many students start preparing for the GMAT up to a year before they take the test, which allows them to complete a comprehensive online program, like the Live GMAT course from Manhattan Prep. This course stretches across six months and is an enhancement on the Self Led learning packages.

In addition to accessing the Interact platform and all the lessons and learning available, students will benefit from 27 hours of classroom instruction over nine sessions. This is a great way to hear directly from an expert teacher and have complex problems explained clearly, with the availability to ask questions.

GMAT Advanced Course

The third GMAT Manhattan Prep option is a tutor-led course: the Advanced GMAT prep course. This course is exclusively for students scoring 650 or more and are looking to push 720 or above in their final score. This package includes five live online classroom sessions that cover 15 hours of content, exclusively designed by Manhattan Prep experts to push your score into the highest percentiles.

As well as the direct and expert online lessons, students receive printed strategy guides and resources, six full-length GMAT practice tests, and access to the Interact system and all its materials. This course is built on the self-led package and enhanced greatly by the 15 hours of high-level lessons. It’s expensive at $1200, but worth it to get that extra 50 points.

Free Resources

Manhattan Prep Free Resources

Many students that are taking the GMAT want to have an understanding of the GMAT prep course that they’re signing up for, which is why Manhattan Prep offers a small range of their resources for free. These include practice questions and practice test resources, online lessons, and free in-person events.

They also know that not everyone can afford the best GMAT prep course and may need to rely on free resources to help them study. Using the free resources before you sign up is a great way to get a taste of the materials and teaching styles, and assess if this would be right for you and your GMAT strategy.

Practice Tests

Six practice tests are included in all of the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses. These tests are full length and cover every section of the test, which allows you to practice in test conditions to the strict timings of the exam like you will on test day. Manhattan Prep has created tests that are Computer Adaptive in the Quantitive and Verbal sections, just like the real test will have.

These tests give you a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses and how your scoring can be impacted by performance in each section. Not all GMAT courses offer so many practice exams, and it’s rare to find CAT too, so make good use of the practice run!

Mobile App

Manhattan Prep App

Manhattan Prep understands that as a student, you’re constantly on the go, which is why they’ve made sure that their ATLAS software works as an online mobile app too for smartphones. This means you can study on the go, the train, bus, or at home, and fit your study into small time gaps.

The app tracks your progress, practice questions, and test grades to give you an accurate picture of your strengths and areas you need to review again. Not all GMAT prep courses offer an online mobile app, and this is something that makes Manhattan one of the best.

Strategy Guides

Included in all of the course packages from Manhattan Prep is a printed copy of the GMAT official guide. This is a brilliant resource that helps you to review your progress and assess your strategies and knowledge. This official book will help you to understand what to expect on test days from the GMAT, how your paper will be scored, and how to include your scores on college and school applications. Very few GMAT courses offer this physical resource, which is another plus point for this company.


As part of our Manhattan Prep GMAT Review, we have to include the negatives of the courses to give a balanced view. The main disadvantage of Manhattan Prep is the cost, which for a six-month all-access course is a great price, but one that not everyone can afford. If your budget is closer to $300, then it may be worth looking elsewhere.

The other downside is that although Manhattan Prep offers face to face learning across the US, this will inevitably be at locations and dates that are not suitable to everyone. You’ll also have the barrier of paying for travel and accommodation if you live far away, so you could miss out if you live in a rural area.

Finally, Manhattan Prep is one of the only large companies that does not offer a score increase guarantee, which can be found at other courses from Princeton Review and Magoosh. This may be because they are so confident in their program and know it delivers great results when followed properly.


Overall, following our review, we recommend the Manhattan Prep GMAT courses as some of the best resources available. They’ve considered a wide range of learning and teaching styles, which include practice questions, interactive lessons, face to face lessons, and so much more.

The Interact student system is truly adaptive, meets students’ needs, and provides a fun and interactive way to study for the GMAT. Every package also includes six full-length practice tests that are computer adaptive and help to simulate the real GMAT. This will help you to be ready for test day.

If you can afford to go all the way with the Boot Camp Package or GMAT advanced, we recommend it as the tutors at Manhattan Prep are a cut above the rest. They will help you to understand concepts, learn strategies, and push your score as high as it can go.

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