Manhattan Prep GRE Review

In this Manhattan Prep GRE review article, we’ll assess the pros and cons of the GRE courses on offer, and help you to decide if Manhattan Prep is right for you. Manhattan Prep has been providing test prep courses for 20 years and has so far helped over 1 million students with their test prep courses, which cover the GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT.

Manhattan Prep was founded by a Yale Graduate in 2000, who noticed that there was a limited amount of test prep courses available. They began to develop courses to support students with their GRE, GMAT, and SAT study and help them to get into business schools and graduate schemes.

These days, Manhattan Prep pride themselves on only hiring the best and top percentile GRE scorers that also have experience as teachers. This ensures that their students have expert lessons and experienced support staff to lean on. In addition, Manhattan Prep offers admissions consulting for students hoping to get into the best colleges and business schools.

Manhattan Prep knows that everyone does GRE prep differently, so they offer several routes of studying their GRE course, either following the self-guided route or the instructed tutor-led route. When we assessed their GRE prep courses, we found that they have the best offering for In-Person and Live-Online learning, compared to similar courses. This helped students to succeed with GRE prep and ultimately in the GRE test.

Instructed Courses

Manhattan Prep Courses

The most comprehensive GRE course available is the GRE Complete Course, which contains study resources for all aspects of the GRE, including Verbal and Math sections. This course is taught through regular sessions that are either delivered online or through in-person sessions.

The course cost starts at $1199 and has eight sessions of live video stream online classes, or in-person classes at GRE centers, covering 24 hours of learning. The classes are small and personalized, so GRE teachers can listen to student’s needs and help them to understand the concepts explained in the lesson fully.

You’ll have homework set, lessons to attend, and access to all the online resources to help you get the best GRE score. These instructed courses require a time commitment and dedication to your study.

You can also take the GRE Just Math Course, which is delivered in the same way but just has Math content. It’s perfect for those students that need to brush up on just this section to pass the test.

Self Guided Courses

The self-guided option uses the Manhattan Prep Interact platform and gives access for six months at $339. This package helps to boost your GRE score through branching video lessons and over 100,000 practice questions, so you can try and try again.

They also provide you with 6 GRE practice tests, which is way more than some other companies offer. It’s one of the best and most comprehensive online packages available and at a great price too.

Expert Teachers

Manhattan Prep Instructors

The teachers at Manhattan Prep have all scored in the highest 1% on the GRE and have been part of a rigorous hiring process. The course material has been designed by these experts and is continuously updated and refreshed to give you the best content.

All tutors have previous experience in teaching and have helped thousands of students to get the GRE score that they desired through the highly respected GRE prep courses. Additional private tutoring is available at a cost and is a great way to boost your score and learning further.

Practice Questions and Tests

With this GRE prep course, there are over 100,000 practice problems and 66 interactive video lessons with detailed written and video explanations. The practice questions cover all aspects of the GRE, including sentence equivalence, geometry, and text completion.

A large number of practice questions gives you a comprehensive experience and will ensure that you don’t see the same practice question twice.

Manhattan Prep also offers 6 GRE practice exams for you to complete with your GRE practice and build on your answering techniques. Taking practice tests is a great way to get an understanding of what the real GRE exam will be like, and help to calm those exam nerves.

Free GRE Resources

Manhattan Prep Free Resources

Manhattan Prep offers free GRE resources, which includes a free GRE practice test to help you understand your baseline GRE score before you start the course. It also includes free GRE flashcards and a free study guide to get you in gear for tackling analytical writing, sentence equivalence, and quantum math. We recommend accessing the free resources to get a sense of what the course will be like before you sign up to study.

Mobile App

Manhattan Prep Mobile App

Manhattan Prep understands that as a student, you’re constantly on the go, which is why they’ve made sure that their ATLAS software works as an online mobile app for smartphones so you can study on the go.

The app tracks your progress, practice questions, and test grades to give you an accurate picture of your strengths and areas you need to review again. Not all GRE prep courses offer an online mobile app, and this is something that makes Manhattan one of the best.


As part of our Manhattan Prep GRE Review, we have to include the negatives of the courses to give a balanced view. The main disadvantage of the Instructed courses is the cost, which for face to face sessions is a great price, but one that not everyone can afford.

The other downside is that although they offer brilliant face to face learning across the US, this will inevitably be at locations and dates that are not suitable for everyone. You’ll also have the barrier of paying for travel and accommodation if you live far away, so you could miss out if you live in a rural area.

Finally, Manhattan Prep is one of the only large companies that does not offer a score increase guarantee, which can be found at other courses from Princeton Review and Magoosh. This may be because they are extremely confident in their program and know it delivers great results when followed properly.


We recommend Manhattan Prep as the ideal GRE test prep course if you’re looking for in-person or teacher-led sessions, with comprehensive study materials and many practice tests.

At a little extra cost than other GRE prep courses, it’s an investment into your future and one of the best ways to study. The free trial and free practice test is a great way to try out the course and understand how you might perform in the real test.

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