Prep Expert SAT (2020 Review)

Prep Expert is an online learning platform that has created SAT and ACT prep courses to help high school students with test prep. Prep Expert has several courses available, hosted by a range of teachers and tutors.

Prep Expert employs experienced teachers and is committed to a high quality of learning. Most students that choose to study with Prep Expert see an increase in their SAT score of at least 100 points.

Prep Expert was founded by Dr. Shaan Patel, who grew up in Las Vegas and found that there were not many options for SAT or ACT prep available to students. Dr. Shaan Patel achieved great SAT ACT scores at a Las Vegas High School and has continued to progress academically with an MBA.

Prep Expert also supports students through GRE, GMAT exams, and many more standardized tests. You may have even seen Dr. Shaan Patel or Prep Expert on Shark Tank! In 2016 Dr. Shaan Patel pitched the Prep Expert company to a team of investors, and Mark Cuban chose to invest.

Having a steady team guiding this company is another reason for its success. You know a company is worth looking into when Mark Cuban is involved.

Course Options

PrepExpert SAT courses

Prep Expert has created learning for SAT preparation courses and teaches these through a series of online live lessons. Each course is run by a teacher or tutor, who delivers the Prep Expert material.

Many of these teachers work freelance and also teach in other learning organizations. Each teacher has a bio, where you can find out more information about them before choosing to attend their classes.

The cost of Prep Expert SAT courses vary from $499 to $999, but using our discount codes or the Shark Tank discount codes, you can save $100. The main difference between these packages is the price and course length, as the learning materials and lessons are the same in each course.

As these courses come with scheduled lessons, make sure you will be available to attend every online lesson to get the most from your learning, and money!

6 Week Flagship

The main course offered by Prep Expert and most popular with students is the 6-week Flagship Course. These courses are set with a schedule across 6 weeks and have regular sessions. When you are choosing your program, you can select dates and times to suit you. Most courses will have two sessions per week, that are each 3 hours in length.

In total, this course has 60 hours of live online lessons that are taught by an expert instructor. Furthermore, each week has a scheduled practice test for you to complete, which means you’ll complete 6 practice tests in this course!

Furthermore, the SAT prep course comes with a 200 point improvement guarantee to help you reach that perfect score! This 6-week course is priced at $999, which works out to be around $12 per hour for the online lessons.

Compared to private tutoring, this is a great price per hour, and you’re also getting a set learning plan that works. When you’re enrolling in this course, you’ll get to choose the schedule that works best for you. This is a demanding course, so make sure that you have the time commitment needed to complete your study.

3 Week Fast Track

PrepExpert 3 weeks fast track

Prep Expert offers a 3-week fast track course, which is even more intense! This program is designed for students who have less than one month studying before their SAT or would like a refresher or last-minute course.

This course comes with a 100 points score improvement guarantee, and although it covers the same learning as the longer course, due to the intensity and fast pace, some find it more difficult to absorb all the information and get their test scores up.

The 3-week course has all the same elements – over 60 hours of live online lessons, 6 practice tests to complete, and a high-quality tutor. This is why the cost is the same at $999. The sessions take place 4 times per week and are each 3 hours long, plus 3 hours per week to complete your practice test.

In total, that’s 15 hours per week that needs to be study time, and you may want to do additional practice outside of this. Needless to say, you need to choose a schedule that will work for you and fit around your school life, home life, and work to complete this SAT preparation course correctly.

Weekend Review

For those students that need to study right before an exam, or are really tight for time, PrepExpert offers a weekend review course. This prep course is not for the faint-hearted and requires two full days of online study. The course takes place over a weekend and has 6 hours of study each day.

The cost is lower at $499, but it doesn’t have any practice tests, so it seems more expensive than the other courses. Furthermore, there are only 12 hours of lessons and the other courses have 60 hours of lessons, so per hour this program is almost double the cost. Most students will study for 3-6 months before the SAT test, so we only recommend this way of learning if you are desperate!

Self Paced

PrepExpert Self Paced

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, PrepExpert has created a Self-Paced course. Within this course, you’ll have access to 30 hours of video lessons for the whole year (12 months). These videos are delivered by Dr. Shaan Patel, the founder of Prep Expert, so you know you can trust in this SAT class prep.

The cost of this course is $499, which is a good value for a year of access, although most students will get through the content in 3 months. Prep Expert has not specified if this course includes practice questions or tests, which can be a disadvantage to pupils that are studying without a teacher’s support.

Compared to other self-paced courses, this option from Prep Expert seems a bit passive and lacking interaction. Many other courses have thousands of practice questions, with text or video explanations, and at least 3 practice tests provided. If self-paced is the way you learn best, we recommend choosing a different learning provider.

Expert Teachers

At Prep Expert, there is a wide range of experienced teachers hosting each learning course, each with different school educations, experiences, and interests. On the Prep Expert website, you can view the bios for each tutor, which can help with your decision on which course to join. Teachers are also rated as Platinium, Gold, and Silver, which categorizes their experience and teaching level.

Being able to choose your teacher is another advantage to using Prep Expert, and it gives you an opportunity that you may not get with other online courses. By finding a tutor that you share interests or school history with, you may be more engaged with the learning and closer to getting the perfect score.

Private Tutoring

PrepExpert Private Tutoring

The tutors at Prep Expert will often teach with other learning platforms as well and can offer private tutoring. Tutoring through Prep Expert is available in a few packages, the cheapest being 4 hours for $1,199, which is around $300 per hour. When we compare this cost to other learning providers like The Princeton Review or Manhattan Prep, this is a very expensive offering, and nearly double the cost in some cases.

Private tutoring is a great option if you want additional support on specific SAT prep areas. You may find that teachers at school are too busy to give you additional help, which is where a private tutor can be really useful. For example, you may be performing well in the reading section, but struggling with Math, which can bring down your overall SAT score.

Through private tutoring, you can get specialist help on understanding concepts and answering strategies, above and beyond the lesson content. To make the best use of the time you have with a tutor, plan the things you need help on, and stick to those topics. At $300 an hour, you don’t want to be wasting time!


So far we’ve brought you the key features and pros of SAT prep with Prep Expert, now it’s time to look at the negative elements of this course, as we do with all our review articles. On the surface, Prep Expert is offering a good range of courses with some quality teaching staff.

However, when we look further into the course content, of which there is limited information, it becomes apparent that the course content and resources may not be as comprehensive as other learning platforms.

Firstly, depending on which course you choose, you may not have access to any practice tests. Practice tests seem only to be included in the 3-week and 6-week courses, so if you’re choosing self-study or the weekend review, you won’t see any practice tests.

It is also unclear if the practice tests are official SAT papers or tests collated by Prep Expert. Completing practice tests gives students an opportunity to experience the test for themselves, understand how questions are phrased and how to answer questions.

Practice tests also help pupils to understand their own performance and their strengths and weaknesses. By not providing this opportunity, Prep Expert put their students at a disadvantage to others, which could impact their SAT score.

If you are the type of person who gets nervous before an exam or likes to have a clear idea of what the test will be like, we recommend choosing a different learning provider that offers practice tests.

Secondly, Prep Expert has a limited amount of resources for students outside of the live online sessions. They do not seem to offer bitesize videos, quizzes, practice tests, or physical textbooks.

This is against the norm, as many other learning platforms will have a wide range of resources that students can work through outside of lessons. This can be quite limiting for some people, and completing live online lessons in isolation from other learning may not fit your learning style.

Finally, the resources attached to a course are only available to you for the length of time of your course. If you choose to enroll in the 3-week course, you will only be able to access the resources for 3 weeks.

If we compare this to The Princeton Review – who offer a 1-month course of live online sessions alongside a full year of access to their resources – this is quite a poor offering from Prep Expert. If you are a busy student and need to work and study on the go, you may find this quite limiting and not justifiable against the cost.

If you’re still reading and thinking about choosing a different learning provider, take a look at our Best SAT Prep Courses article for more information on the top courses. This should help you find a course that is right for your schedule, learning style, and budget.

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