Princeton Review GMAT Overview

The Princeton Review is a well-known firm that helps students to boost their scores in GMAT, GRE, SAT, and other pre-college and business school tests across US universities. Although The Princeton Review is not related to Princeton University, it certainly benefits from the prestige and reputation of the school.

The GMAT course is well stocked with learning videos and study materials to help you get your best score. Want to know more about the GMAT? Take a look at our GMAT Scoring article.

The Princeton Review was set up in 1981 in New York, by two graduates who started tutoring students for the SAT, and it has grown to be one of the largest tutoring and consultancy firms in the US.

They offer tutoring, test prep, admissions counseling, and more to undergraduate students in high school and graduates across the US, to help them get accepted to their dream school.

In this article, we’ll look at the GMAT Test Prep courses available from The Princeton Review to help you choose if this is the right GMAT prep course for you.

The Princeton Review offers two courses that specialize in live online classroom sessions, which is a brilliant way to learn and prepare for the GMAT and makes these courses stand out from the rest.

The scheduled sessions help you to be accountable for your learning, keep you on track, and be part of a class group for support. You’ll also have direct access to your tutor, who is there to boost your learning.

The best elements of GMAT prep courses from The Princeton Review:

  1. 700 points + Course – For those looking to get into their dream school and boost their scores into the top percentile and access elite MBA courses
  2. Video Lessons – Live Online scheduled video lessons, providing at least 27 hours of classroom-style learning from expert teachers
  3. Practice, Practice, Perfect – The Princeton Review 10 full-length CAT practice tests to take across the course, you can practice and perfect your skills
  4. Price Packages – The Princeton Review has great value courses for the cost, which range from $500 to $1,500 to suit a range of budgets
  5. Classroom Learning – Be part of an online classroom with live sessions – no more than ten students per class in the 700+ points program

Course Packages

ThePrincetonReview Gmat Courses

The Princeton Review offers several course packages to give you flexibility with your study and budget. These include a Self-Paced course, where you have access to the online materials and work to your own study plan.

Next is the Fundamentals course, which has live tutor-led online lessons. Finally, the best GMAT 700+ course is for the top level of students wanting to push their score further into the top percentile.

Self Paced

The Self Paced Program from The Princeton Review is called Connect and has a good range of online resources that you can access at any time. The bulk of learning is delivered through video-based interactive lessons, led by the Princeton Review’s expert tutors.

There are also shorter top-up videos available for quick learning. Choose your study plan and intensity and make use of the personalized algorithms available to tailor your learning.

This online course also has a 1-hour session with a GMAT expert to help guide you through your learning, or answer specific questions. This is a great opportunity that not many self paced courses have.

Overall, this self-paced course is a good option if you’re a motivated, focused student, and comes in at a great price of $500. It’s a good learning tool and has some drill questions included, but this is not the ideal option for students that want to complete lots of GMAT practice tests.


ThePrincetonReview Gmat Fundamentals

The Fundamentals program from Princeton Review is the most popular GMAT course that they offer. It’s jam-packed with video resources, practice materials, and has the Princeton Review Score Guarantee included. The learning comes from 27 hours of live online lessons from expert GMAT instructors.

When you enroll on a course, you can choose your schedule and course dates to suit your schedule. Most courses have two sessions a week that are 3 hours long, so this course requires a time commitment. It also recommends at which intervals you should take practice tests, and when to book your GMAT.

The Fundamentals course from Princeton Review is a reasonable price too, at $1,400. This is great, considering that you will be part of an online classroom environment, and have 27 hours of teacher-led lessons.

The teachers with The Princeton Review have teaching experience and expert knowledge in the GMAT; they have helped thousands of students, which will have a great impact on your learning and help to get the best score in the GMAT.

In addition to the learning material, The Princeton Review offers ten full-length Computer Adaptive practice tests, which you can take throughout the course. This is a huge number of tests that are higher than any other company and is a big plus of studying with The Princeton Review.

Furthermore, the tests are Computer Adaptive in the Quantitative and Verbal sections, just like in the real GMAT exam. By using a practice test that is computer-adaptive, you can really get the experience of what the GMAT will be like, and work on your answering techniques. You’ll also get a sense of the timings for each section, and how to make the best use of the time and still get a great score.

GMAT 700+ Program

For those students looking to get into their dream school, Ivy League MBA programs, or the best graduate schemes, you’ll need to be scoring over 700 and be in the top percentile of scorers. If this is you, we’d expect your score at the moment to be around 630 – 680, and you should be looking to boost your score into 750+. It’s also a reasonable price at $1,900 for the whole package. It’s great for students looking to go the extra mile.

Included in this elite online package from The Princeton Review is over 47 hours of live online instruction from GMAT experts. This is nearly double the provision in the fundamentals course and focuses on high-level subjects to truly boost your score.

When you enroll, select your course dates – most of these courses have a weekly lesson that is three hours long. You’ll be part of a small class group and will have ample opportunity to interact with the tutor.

Within these 47 hours of online lessons, 10 hours is dedicated to verbal and math explanations, and 10 hours is spent on answering strategies for advanced GMAT questions. You’ll be expected to study in between the sessions and to be attentive and focused in the sessions.

The 700+ course also includes 4 hours of 1-2-1 instruction from the course tutor, in which you can ask specific questions and gain from their extensive knowledge. This specific time will be really important in boosting your GMAT score, so make sure that you plan your sessions wisely to get the most from them.

Furthermore, you’ll benefit from 10 full-length practice tests that are computer adaptive and over 4,480 online practice questions. You’ll be able to practice and perfect your GMAT knowledge and answering techniques.

Online Live Video Lessons

ThePrincetonReview Online Lessons

The Princeton Review is a large company with a huge team of expert teachers. This is why they can run live online classroom sessions for their students. This is offered in both the Fundamentals and 700+ program.

Overall, The Princeton Review offers both on-demand video lessons and live video lessons led by an expert instructor. This combination helps you to stick to scheduled lessons and learning, while also topping up your learning with the online videos.

You’ll be expected to study and complete homework assignments in between the scheduled lessons, which are available in video form too. On-Demand videos and short topic videos are a great way to learn on the go or focus on just one or two areas of study.

Videos have been proven to be more effective than reading text, so you’ll be sure to increase your score. Private tutoring is also available from these experts at an additional cost.

Adaptive Drill Questions

The Princeton Review has developed an excellent question base that has a total of 2,570 drill questions for you to test your GMAT knowledge and skills. These drills are adaptive and recreate the GMAT by increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the questions, depending on your answers.

Again, this is another way that The Princeton Review thoroughly prepares their students to take the GMAT. Many other companies offer a bank of practice questions that are not adaptive and often not a large enough quantity to stop the questions repeating.

Practice Tests

ThePrincetonReview Practive Test

Unlike many other GMAT courses, The Princeton Review knows the importance of practice tests, which is why they provide students with ten full-length practice tests to complete.

The Princeton Review has technology that matches the GMAT in its adaptability through the test and gives you adaptive questions in the Verbal and Quantitive sections. When you take the GMAT, the questions change in these two sections, depending on your answers and ability.

The Princeton Review has been able to simulate this experience and bring it to you through practice exams. They offer ten practice tests across the course, so you can try and try again. Don’t underestimate this resource – it’s a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills and understanding of the GMAT exam.

Score Guarantee

The Princeton Review is sure that their GMAT prep course will boost your score, as many students have done so before. With their 700 points + course, the score guarantee is that you will reach over 700 points if you’ve previously scored 620 or above.

Most students taking this course to achieve their objective score, as the course is intense and focuses on learning from expert teachers. Most students using The Princeton Review Fundamentals course increase their score by at least 100 points through the Fundamentals GMAT prep course, so the guarantee is more for peace of mind.

Physical Resources

ThePrincetonReview 700+ Score Gmat

Included in the 700 points + course is a bundle of physical resources, including the GMAT Official Guide and other study guides. If you’re the type of learner that likes to make notes and highlights or use a physical book, then this a great advantage of studying with The Princeton Review.

The course materials will be sent to you a few weeks before your scheduled lessons are due to begin, which gives you time to get to know the study guide structure and familiarize yourself with the topics. As these materials are created by the GMAC – the official governing body – they will have a different layout and style to The Princeton Review materials. They will give you a different perspective on the GMAT.

On the Go

The interactive platform from The Princeton Review is designed to be compatible with computers, laptops, and tablets so that you can complete work on the go, wherever you are. The platform is brilliant for working from home, in the library, or during your daily commute.

The digital platform makes sure that your progress is saved, and so you won’t have to complete sections again on different devices. In addition, The Princeton Review platform will let you skip, fast forward, and go back to different sections, providing a flexible base for you to build your learning and tailor it to your needs. This platform, combined with the personalized study plan, will help you to work hard and achieve your dreams.

Private Tutoring

ThePrincetonReview Gmat Private Tutoring

If you’re the type of student that would benefit from direct teacher to student sessions or have a limited amount of time to study, then you might want to invest in some private tutoring. The Princeton Review offers two tutoring packages – GMAT Comprehensive, which includes 18 hours of tutoring across all topics at $167 an hour, bringing it to a total of $3,000.

The second option is GMAT Targeted tutoring, which includes 10 hours of specific learning at $180 an hour, a total of $1,800. You can choose from a range of ‘Star Tutors’ that have been recommended by previous students. They have great ratings and years of experience with The Princeton Review.

Free Trial and Content

The Princeton Review offers a free GMAT Practice Test before you start your course so that you can get a sense of where your strengths and weaknesses are and gain a basic understanding of what the test will be like. If you’ve never taken the GMAT before, which many students haven’t, then this is a brilliant opportunity that you should not pass up.

Also, they offer a GMAT Prep Free Trial with access to a number of video lessons, question drills, and a glimpse into what the student platform is like. This is a great way to see if studying with The Princeton Review is right for you and if their resources meet your needs.


As with all our reviews, we include cons to each company and course, and The Princeton Review is no different. We did, however, find it difficult to present cons. This is because the courses offered by The Princeton Review are comprehensive and a great option for studying the GMAT.

The Princeton Review is a large and trusted company, and many students trust that they have a large number of helpful materials. However, on their Self Paced course, they have not been specific in listing how many hours of video content, practice questions, or practice tests are included.

Therefore if you’re looking for a self-study course, this might not be the best option, as it’s not clear on the resources you’re getting or how long you’ll have to access them.

Furthermore, while the courses are well priced for the amount of content and live online lessons available, they are not the cheapest and so may not be suitable for students on a budget. If you can afford a course, then we recommend the Fundamentals as the best overall GMAT prep.

And one last point, The Princeton Review does not offer a mobile app, so if completing questions or watching videos on the go on your phone is an essential part of your study, you may need to consider another provider. The student platform does, however, work well on PCs, laptops, and tablets, so it’s portable and accessible.


Overall, The Princeton Review provides the best and most comprehensive online course, thanks to it’s scheduled live online lessons that simulate classroom learning. It’s proven that most students benefit from being in a study group and learning directly from a teacher, so this is naturally going to be one of the top courses available. Furthermore, with the 700+ Programme, you are sure to reach a high score, thanks to the 47 hours of lessons and additional resources supplied. If you can afford to spend $1,400 to $1,900 on your GMAT prep, then we strongly recommend that you use The Princeton Review.

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