Princeton Review GRE (Full Guide)

The Princeton Review is a well-known firm that helps students to boost their scores in GMAT, GRE, SAT, and other pre-college and business school tests across US universities.

The Princeton Review was set up in 1981 in New York, by two graduates who started tutoring students for the SAT, and it has grown to be one of the largest tutoring and consultancy firms in the US.

They offer tutoring, test prep, admissions counseling, and more to undergraduate students in high school and graduates across the US, to help them get accepted to their dream school. In this article, we’ll look at the GRE Test Prep courses available from The Princeton Review for GRE, and you can use this review to help you decide if this is the right GRE prep course for you.

The Princeton Review offers the whole package with really comprehensive resources at a reasonable price through three different course packages. With years of experience and live classroom learning across the US, this is a course you need to consider in your top three.

Self Paced

PrincetonReview GRE self paced

The Princeton Review Prep Online package gives you access to all their online materials, including 24 hours of video instruction and 3,500 practice questions, priced at $499, but with our discount codes, this cost comes down. If you’re a dedicated student who is self-motivated, this will be a great option for you. This package also comes with eight practice tests which you can complete throughout your study.


The Ultimate program is available online and in-person, with live face to face lessons. This is priced at $1,199, which is great value for lessons from expert teachers. This includes 24 hours of expert-led live instruction and 160 hours of online learning and practice resources. They have in-person lessons available across the US, and a range of online schedules that you can book onto.

The Princeton Review Elite Quant 162+ program is priced at $1,499 and focuses on excelling at Math and improving your overall score. This is a program for high scorers and those willing to put lots of time and effort to get the top grades available.

This course guarantees a GRE Quant score of 162 or above and does this by providing you with a personalized study manager, 25 hours of instruction, and over 3,600 GRE exam practice questions. This course also looks at the verbal sections, too, so your score should increase across the board.

Practice Questions and Practice Tests

Princeton Review GRE practice test

The Princeton Review comes out on top for practice questions and tests, as they have an amazing 3,500 practice questions across the GRE sections. All of their packages also have access to 8 full-length practice test simulations, so you can complete many practice test activities throughout your study, and calm those exam nerves. Completing full-length exams really gives you a sense of what the GRE will be like. Having eight online opportunities for this experience will help to boost your score.

Video and Live Lessons

If you want to get the classroom experience, The Princeton Review offers 24 hours of expert-led live instruction that covers strategy and test content. When you enroll on the course, you can select scheduled sessions that work best for you and your GRE exam timeline.

Choose in-person sessions that are local to home or online sessions that you can access remotely. The instructor-led GRE prep course requires a time commitment and dedicated effort, so make sure you consider how you will fit the study into your life. You’ll also benefit from classmates and can work together to review homework and understand the exam.

Physical Resources

Not all GRE online courses come with physical resources, but The Princeton Review understands that not everyone completes prep for GRE in the same way. You’ll receive several GRE official guides that are great if you like to make notes and complete reading alongside the online learning.

The textbooks are official GRE guides created by ETS, so they will be in a different format and use different terminology to the online course materials. They also include some practice test questions that you can’t access online.

Tutoring Available

PrincetonReview GRE private tutoring

On top of the video lessons, practice tests, physical resources, and support with your study plan, you can also book tutoring at an additional cost. Using a tutor is one of the most effective ways to boost the learning from your GRE prep course and solidify your high score, especially if you’re taking the self-guided route.

The teachers at The Princeton Review are experienced in teaching and have a great understanding of the GRE. They can support specific areas of the GRE, answer strategies, and review your study plan.


As with all our reviews, we include cons to each company and course, and GRE Princeton Review is no different. We did, however, find it difficult to find cons, as these courses are great.

The courses are reasonably priced for the amount of content and live online lessons available. However, they’re not the cheapest and so some students may not be able to afford the courses.

Furthermore, The Princeton Review does not offer a mobile app, so if completing questions or watching videos on the go is an essential part of your study, you may need to consider another provider. The student platform does, however, work well on PCs, laptops, and tablets, so it’s portable and accessible.


Overall, The Princeton Review offers a well-rounded set of courses that are comprehensive in all aspects of the GRE. The courses are balanced with many practice tests, thousands of test questions and video explanations to improve on your answers.

The tutors provide excellent online and face to face sessions, which really makes The Princeton Review a cut above the rest. The courses are also reasonably priced. They’re from a large, trusted company that’s transparent and upfront about their resources.

The Princeton Review should be in your top three choices for GRE test prep and should help you get the high scores needed for business school or graduate programs.

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