Should You Retake the LSAT?

Some people say you should only take the LSAT once.

We say, that some people are wrong.

There are numerous cases where re-taking the LSAT is the logical decision.

  • Did you not prepare enough for the exam? Were you not ready for the questions you encountered?
  • Were you feeling off on the day of your exam? Were you sick? Did you not get enough sleep?
  • Are you completely unsatisfied with your score?

These are all valid reasons for retaking the LSAT.

However, most people do not improve a ton from one LSAT test to another.

On average, the performance only improves by 2.7 points. 

That's the average though.

If you're here, your goal is to beat the average.

If you're not happy with your scores and you are ready to dedicate a ton of time to studying, then go for it.

However, if you underestimated the LSAT the first time and will use the same strategy to retake it, you might as well not waste your time.

Did You Prepare Enough?

Be honest with yourself.

Did you prepare enough for the LSAT?

There's a reason why we have an entire page dedicated to the best LSAT prep materials

Many people greatly underestimate the exam and hope to skate by on their natural abilities.

While most people can figure out most, if not all, questions on the exam, the problem is limited time.

The exam isn't just about figuring it out, but figuring out very fast.

At about 1.5 minutes per question, you need to understand the potential question formats you might encounter, know what steps to take to solve them, and do it quickly.

If you have to spend too much time on each question on the Logic Games section, you probably didn't study enough.

Were There "External" Problems During the Test? 

There are legitimate external problems and excuses.

Did you get sick? Did you have a killer headache? Did you not get enough sleep?

All of those are legitimate and can be fixed.

However, problems like someone tapping their foot in front of you, sniffling constantly, or feeling anxious about the exam are not problems you're likely to fix.

So be honest with yourself.

Is your score due to legitimate problems or are you just making up excuses?

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