A Smarter Way to Prep for the NCLEX

Most people prep for the NCLEX in the same way.

They go through a couple NCLEX prep books, take a couple practice exams, and assume that they're ready.

But they're not.

No book can cover every single, little thing you might need to know for any exam, let alone an exam as comprehensive as this one. 

The prep books are a great way to test yourself and the best ones cover all of the key points and questions that you are most likely to see.

However, it doesn't cover everything.

Do you know what does?

The NCSBN's official test plan documents!

Not only do they have a general summary of what will be covered on the exam, but they also list every single thing that you might be tested on.

So they provide this:

​But they also provide more than 10 pages of this:

Everything you need to know in one document!

Of course, not every one of the detailed things you need to know can be easily studied, but you can use it as a guideline for things you might need to study up on.

We don't recommend starting with the detailed list because it's very easy to get overwhelmed.

Instead, get one of the top NCLEX books for studying, use the book, take a couple practice exams, and then look over the detailed list to see if there is anything else you may not have learned.

It will make your life much easier and you will be able to go into the test fully confident that you've learned everything you needed to learn to pass.

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