Target Test Prep GMAT Review

Target Test Prep started up over ten years ago as part of a desire to help GMAT students to excel in the Quantitive section. They saw that many students were competent in the verbal and written sections, as the students had been utilizing their English skills throughout their time at college. These students, however, had not been practicing math skills and needed additional support in this area.

And so, Target Test Prep was formed by teachers and software developers that came together to create a unique learning platform that specializes in the Math Quant section of the GMAT. With an expertly curated pool of learning resources and a brilliantly designed learning platform, Target Test Prep is the leading company providing GMAT quant prep.

Target Test Prep are proud of their GMAT student’s test scores and say that the average score of Test Prep Users is 720 points GMAT score. This is a very respectable score and can help to get you into some of the top MBA programs, including Harvard.

However, most of these students are already scoring 670 or above, and just need extra support on the Quant section to boost their score. Target Test Prep focuses specifically on GMAT Math and completes all their tutoring explicitly on this section of the test. If you know that this is a weakness of yours, then Target Test Prep might be the best GMAT prep course for you!

Top Pros of studying with Target Test Prep for increasing your quant GMAT score:

  • Focus on Quant – specialists in the quant section of the GMAT and the sole focus of this course
  • Online Lessons – over 800 videos leading your learning and teaching you how to solve quant GMAT questions
  • Analytics and Trackers – stay on track and aware of your strengths and weaknesses with this award-winning platform

Course Packages

TargetTestPrep courses

There are 3 course packages available, each with a different price point to suit you. Each course packages offers access to the same learning material, so the difference is the length of time you’d like the course for and the cost of each course.

You can choose to have six months’ access, four months access, or a rolling monthly basis, depending on when you’re taking the GMAT. The cheapest option is to choose six months of access, which is $499 and works out to be $66 per month.

Next up is four months of access for $449 and so $75 per month. And the most expensive option is to take on a rolling monthly basis, which is $149 per month.

When choosing which Target Test Prep course will be best for you, first consider when you’ll be taking the exam and how much time you will have to study between now and then. Then you can decide on which course length will be most suitable and give you the best opportunity to get a great score on the GMAT.

Founded on Expertise

Target Test Prep was started by Math and Science Teachers that wanted to offer more to students studying the GMAT, especially those who needed support in the GMAT Quant section to boost their quant score. Target Test Prep GMAT operates a small team with high standards.

The team are all previous Math and Science teachers, who have built up a wealth of teaching experience and learning strategies to help students achieve higher scores in the quantitative section. They also offer private tutoring outside of the standard course and live support through email to those completing the course.

Online Access

TargetTestPrep gmat online

Target Test Prep GMAT courses are available online and can be accessed from your PC, Laptop, Tablet, and phone. The online student platform has been developed to host learning materials, including over 500 lessons, 800 instructor-led videos, and practice problems. It also hosts the analytical reports of your progress, strengths, and weaknesses. This will ensure you reach your target.

When you start to study with Target Test Prep, you also get access to GMAT Club, which is an online forum for students who are studying for the GMAT exam. The GMAT Club is a great way to find additional resources, study plans, practice tests, or practice questions.

You can also interact with other students. Whether you have 2 weeks or 2 years to study, using the GMAT Club forum platform could help you reach your target score.

Trial Period

Unlike many other companies, Target Test Prep offers five days of access to their resources to students that are considering using the Target GMAT course for just $1. This gives you a taste of what the course resources are like and a sample of the learning materials. Completing a free trial is a great way to understand if the course could be right for you, and if you’ll succeed in your test prep for the GMAT.

Free Resources

TargetTestPrep Gmat Free Resources

Target Test Prep understands that offering free resources is a great way for students in underprivileged positions to complete some study. They can get a glimpse into what studying with Target Test Prep for 2 weeks or 2 months would look like. The free resources are available through their blog.

They include Math Formula sheets, a GMAT 31 question diagnostic test to assess your current knowledge. Furthermore, they also include ten math practice questions, each with video and text solutions to check your work and understand the correct solution.

Finally, there are 20 or so learning videos that explain different areas of the GMAT prep math section to help with your test prep GMAT exam. These free resources are excellent for all students, and you should try to review them before studying so that you can get a good idea on the style of Target Test Prep GMAT resources, practice questions, and practice tests.

Analytics and Trackers

The team at Target Test Prep includes expert software designers. Their work really comes alive on the analytical side of assessing your progress and creating a review sheet. When you study with Target Test Prep, your strengths and weaknesses will be analyzed and displayed simply for you to review. This enables you to identify areas within the GMAT math sections that you need to focus on and start to take actionable steps.

The review section of the student platform also has an Error Tracker which logs and analyzes your most common mistakes. This is a brilliant tool that is not offered by any other company. It’s fantastic for clearly tracking your errors, and helps you to rectify them and so boost your score easily.

Practice Questions

TargetTestPrep Gmat Practice Questions

To help you hone your skills, Target Test Prep has created over 3,000 practice problems and practice questions that you can complete throughout the course. Many other courses only have 1,000 or so quantitative practice questions, so this is a brilliant resource if you know that you need to focus on this area in particular.

The Quant score is an essential part of your overall score, so using practice questions in your GMAT prep is an important step to understand the exam and boost your GMAT score. Practice Questions are also a good way to discover your GMAT answering strategies and perfect these over time.

Online Lessons

Target Test Prep has created over 800 instructor-led review videos that cover all aspects of the Quantitive section, including strategies to answer the questions. These online lessons are focused on particular areas and are taught by experts.

They are available through the online learning platform and can be accessed at any time, fitting into your schedule and timescales. Live support is available by email if you need additional support in understanding solutions.

Personalized study plan

TargetTestPrep Gmat practice plan

Another feature of using the Target Test GMAT course is the personalized study plan with recommended strengths and weaknesses. The plan is adaptable and helps you to focus your Quant course on the areas where you need the most practice. It questions which sections are your strong points, and which need more focus. Make sure to stick to your study plan to get the best results and your target score.


With all our review articles, we make sure to look at the negatives of each course and company, as well as the positives. Here are the downsides of using the Quant Course from Target Test.

Firstly, if you’re looking for an overall GMAT course, this is not the right prep course for you. Target Test Prep GMAT courses focus solely on the GMAT Quant section, and they are upfront about this when advertising their services.

When you sign up for GMAT Target Test Prep, you will not find resources for the Verbal, Analytical Writing, or Integrated Reasoning sections, and the tutors will not advise you on this, so be sure about what to expect.

Secondly, Target Test Prep was set up by teachers that have experience in teaching Physics, Math, and Chemistry, so they have logical brains and are clear thinkers.

They offer tutoring which will specialize in GMAT Quant and are experts in supporting this learning. However, if you’re the type of student that needs moral support, a boost from your tutor, or a pep talk, you might not get it from Target Test Prep.

Next, we look at Practice Tests. When you complete the GMAT on test day, you’ll experience it as a Computer Adaptive Test, which means that the Quant and Verbal sections will adapt the questions to your skill level.

Surprisingly, Target Test Prep does not offer a full practice test that is computer-adaptive to help their students understand this format. If you’re looking to take a full-length practice test or several practice tests, you may want to consider a more comprehensive GMAT course rather than this specialist course.


Overall, Target Test Prep is one of the best and only courses that specialize in quant GMAT prep and gets great results. If you know that this is the specific area that you need support with, then we’d strongly recommend using their course.

If, however, you need support across all areas of the GMAT and would like additional features, including face to face or live online classroom sessions and full-length CAT practice exams, you should consider using another company and course. You may be able to study with both programs if you have the time, which would have a positive impact on your score.

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