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  • September 8, 2020
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Target Test Prep GRE has been helping students for over 10 years and started with the desire to help students to achieve high scores on the Quant section of the GRE.

Target Test Prep discovered that many students use their writing and verbal skills throughout college and so can easily achieve a good score in these sections of the GRE, with a little bit of study and guidance.

However, Target Test Prep noticed that only the students taking a Math or Science Major could easily get a high score in the Quant section. Other students have let their Math skills lapse, so they need extra support to get a good score in this section.

Target Test Prep set out to assist these types of students in just the Quant sections and help them refresh their Math skills and ace the GRE. Target Test Prep was created by software developers and teachers that have designed a course and platform to specialize in the GRE and GMAT Math sections.

Target Test Prep has built a great reputation as one of the leading companies providing GRE quant prep. This is thanks to its excellent learning platform that is intuitive and easy for students to use. The resources have been created by teachers and those who have studied Math and Science degrees, who have created Target Test Prep to help other students excel in the GRE.

Quant Specialists

TargetTestPrep GRE Quant Score

Target Test Prep GRE provides learning that focuses solely on the GRE and GMAT math sections and has a staff base that reflects this. The team at Target Test Prep are all Math, Science, and Computer specialists who are passionate about helping students achieve high scores in the Quant section and gain a great place at college.

The initial learning was designed with experienced teachers and learning experts to bring you a blend of technical math and high-quality education. The team at Target Test Prep also offers private tutoring, which can help to target specific GRE areas that need additional work and support.

Furthermore, private tutoring from specialist Math experts is a great opportunity to upskill your math skills quickly.

You can complete a Target Test Prep course alongside the GRE study for the other sections, to get a great overall score. This online course will help you gain a better understanding of the GRE math questions, and build your knowledge of the whole quant course.

Your Quant score should increase significantly with focused practice problems and learning through this GRE prep program. Courses from Target Test Prep only focus on Quant, so you’ll need to pair this with another course to increase your verbal sections’ score.

Price Packages

Target Test Prep GRE pricing

Target Test Prep understands that everyone is working on a different time scale, which is why they offer their course package in three different time lengths. It works out cheaper per month to sign up for six months of access, but you can also sign up for just one month. Make sure to think about your schedule leading up to the GRE test.

If you’re taking the test within the next 12 months, then you could get a six-month package to gradually improve your learning over time. Or perhaps you’ve just taken the GRE and missed your ideal score by a few points, a one month course from Target Test Prep GRE could help nudge you over the line to your ideal grade.

These packages range from $66 to $99 per month, and you can choose either 6 months, 4 months or 1 month rolling. These options are suitable for a range of timescales and budgets and appeal to a wide selection of students. The packages offered by Target Test Prep are all online learning, hosted on the intuitive learning platform.

When you enroll in a course, you’ll be given access to the online resources, and you’ll be able to choose a learning plan that suits you. Online courses are good for students that are motivated, disciplined, and can hold themselves accountable. The resources are all online, and you can access them in any order, whenever and wherever.

When you’re thinking of enrolling in a learning program, make sure that you consider the cost alongside other learning that you may also complete. As Target Test Prep only covers the Quant aspect of the GRE, you will need to also enroll in a program that offers learning on the reading and writing sections of the GRE. Have a look at our Best GRE Courses article, which gives you an overview of all the online programs available, and the costs, pros, and cons of each one.


Target Test Prep GRE resources

The resources included in the Target Test Prep GRE course are all online and broken down into modules. This helps to make the learning easier to navigate, and your learning can be based around each of the sections.

Overall, there are 500 individual video lessons, which are instructor-led, and vary in length. Some may be a few short minutes to explain a concept, and some may be longer to help with specific areas of GRE prep.

These videos are usually a whiteboard with a teacher explaining the learning and content for that session. These sessions are not classroom-style learning, like with some other GRE prep providers, but they are a good way to visually and audibly gain knowledge and understanding.

Practice Questions and Exams

Also included in Target Test Prep courses are over 3,000 practice questions for the math section, including practice problems with Geometry, Algebra, and advanced math. This is a huge number of practice problems, and many other online courses only have around 1,000 questions for the Math section.

Completing Math practice questions and problems will allow you to get a great understanding of what problems could be in the real GRE and what score you could achieve. Besides, there are over 800 Target Test Prep video solutions that explain the correct math answers, and many also have text explanations.

When you review your answer compared to the correct answer, you can build an understanding of where you need to improve to be ready for exam day and get a great quant score in the GRE. The practice problems combined with videos, written solutions, and questions will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus on specific areas that will boost your GRE prep and score. This instant feedback will allow you to quickly reflect and rectify your answer, so that next time you get the correct results.

However, Target Test Prep does not offer any full-length practice exams in their Quant courses for students to take. This is mostly due to the fact that their course focuses only on the Quant section, and Target Test Prep would not be able to give detailed problems for the other written sections, or properly mark the full-length practice exams.

This is limiting to students, as completing full-length practice exams is a valuable activity that all students should be able to complete. Practice exams have many advantages, including reducing anxiety on the day and giving you a sense of what the exam will be like.

If you’re taking this quant course, you’ll need to pair it with a GRE course covering the whole GRE and provide a full-length test, so that you are ready for test day.

5 Day Trial

Target Test Prep GRE 5 Days Trial

To get a taste of Target Test Prep and their resources, you can complete a 5 day trial for just $1! This is an excellent opportunity to see for yourself what the quality of these GRE materials is like and make an informed decision about whether this quant GRE course is for you.

In the trial, you’ll have access to some video learning, GRE practice questions, and you’ll get an understanding of what the Target Test Prep GRE approach is like. The learning platform is easy to use, with a clear layout and design, making it easy to navigate each area of the GRE math course. When you complete the trial, you can choose to either enroll on the course if you think it’s right for you or move on to testing another GRE course.


When we review online courses, we make sure to include the negatives of each company and course, as well as the positive points. So, here are the negative points of the Target Test Prep GRE Quant course that you need to be aware of, they aren’t major factors, but they are worth knowing if you’re thinking of enrolling in their course.

Firstly, if you’re looking for an overall GRE course, this is not the right prep course for you. The Target Test Prep GRE course focuses solely on the GRE Quant section, and they are upfront about this when advertising their services.

Target Test Prep does not have content covering the Analytical Writing, Verbal or Integrated Reasoning sections, as their courses focus solely on Math. The tutors will not provide you with guidance or learning on these sections, so be aware of this before you enroll in the GRE course.

Secondly, Target Test Prep has a great learning offer, but it does not include a personal touch, guidance, or moral support. The team at Test Prep are typically logical thinkers that have studied Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and have helped students through these subjects.

The private tutoring available will specialize in GRE Math, and you can expect their style to be straight forward and logical. If you’re the type of student that benefits from moral support, a soft hand, or words of motivation, you might not get this from a Target Test Prep course.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned above, Target Test Prep is unable to provide full-length practice tests to students taking this course. This is partly because their learning focuses solely on the quant questions in the GRE, and so they are not qualified to provide test feedback on the Verbal and Written areas of the GRE test.

If you’re looking for full-length practice tests to complete alongside your GRE study, consider finding another provider or paying separately for practice tests.


Overall, when we review the quant course offered by Target Test Prep, they come top of their field. The Quant learning from Target Test Prep is comprehensive and covers all areas of the GRE Quant section. Furthermore, their learning is probably suitable for a range of students as they cover basic topics and advanced math. Whatever your target score for the Math section, you should be able to achieve it by studying the Target Test Prep Course.

If you’re a motivated student and looking for specialized Quant GRE prep, then consider using Target Test Prep to boost your GRE score. As all the learning is online, it will appeal most to students that are dedicated, motivated, and can hold themselves accountable to a study plan.

If you are the type of student who enjoys a classroom atmosphere, learning from a teacher, having accountability and guidance, then maybe consider a course that has live online learning.

Most students will succeed by learning with Target Test Prep and will achieve at least a 50% point increase in their Quant score. If you’re thinking of enrolling in a Target Test Prep learning program, make sure to use our discount codes to reduce your learning cost.

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