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  • September 27, 2020
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The Princeton Review began in the 80s and was formed by two college Graduates that had a passion for helping other students. They started offering SAT tutoring and soon grew to help hundreds of students.

Now, The Princeton Review employs some of the top tutors and test-takers and supports students taking the ACT, SAT, GMAT, and GRE exams. The Princeton Review mostly offers online courses, a mixture of self-paced and instructor-led programs.

The ACT course offered by The Princeton Review is one of the most comprehensive packages, build with fantastic resources and a good support system from the teachers. While their courses are slightly more expensive than other providers, they are worth the cost.

Course Options

The Princeton Review offers two different courses for ACT prep. The first is the Ultimate Course, which is an all-round education program for students taking the ACT. If you are a student who excels in tests and is looking for a very high score in the ACT, the 31+ points course may be more suited to you.

In this article, we’ll break down the resources included in each package and how they help students with ACT prep.

Ultimate Course

The Princeton Review Ultimate Course

This course from The Princeton Review offers a brilliant range of resources, including 18 hours of online lessons. You can choose to take these either as on-demand sessions, at your own pace, or book onto a learning schedule and be led through the curriculum by a teacher.

You’ll also have access to the online resources for a full year and have the opportunity to complete 3 proctored practice tests. They will also send you some physical resources, including an ACT textbook. If you choose to complete a classroom course, you’ll receive additional support from the tutor in lessons and connect with students on your course.

If you’re the type of student who likes to lean on others, then the classroom option may be better than self-paced. The Ultimate course costs $899, for both the self-paced and classroom options.

31+ Points Course

The Princeton Review 31+ Course

The Princeton Review is one of the only course providers to have an offering for elite students that need a higher level of learning to get top ACT scores. The 31+ points course is aimed to help students achieve a score of 31 points or higher, out of the final score of 36 points. This course costs $1599, so it is the more expensive option.

The course provides you with 36 hours of classroom learning, delivered virtually by an expert teacher. This will be the main source of your learning, and you’ll also have access to 24/7 On Demand tutoring. This means you can email a question or concern at any time, and you’ll have a super quick response from a tutor.

The course also gives you 4 proctored practice exams, 10 additional practice tests, and a further 20 single section tests. With access to the online portal for a whole year, you’ll be ready to ace the ACT test.

Practice Questions and Practice Tests

The Princeton Review ACT Practice Test

The Princeton Review understands that practice makes perfect, which is why all their courses include 2,000 practice questions. This is a brilliant resource that helps students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and practice in these areas.

Also included in the courses is a number of practice tests. You’ll have the opportunity to complete some proctored tests, as well as additional practice tests to complete at home. Completing practice tests gives you a feel for what the test will be like, and can help reduce anxiety on test day. The Princeton Review offers more practice tests than most other course providers.

Expert Teachers

The Princeton Review has an excellent reputation for the quality of its teachers. They exclusively employ those in the top percentile of test-takers and have experience in teaching.

This means that the quality of both resources and learning experience are high, especially compared to other course providers that do not have teachers on staff. In turn, this will have a positive impact on your score.

Tutoring Available

The Princeton Review ACT Tutoring

The teachers at Princeton Review also offer tutoring to either accompany the course you’ve enrolled on or as a separate entity. Tutoring sessions are available from $150 per hour, which is a relatively expensive option. If you’re thinking of having private tutor sessions, make sure you are clear before the session of what you’d like to get out of it, so that you can make the best use of the time.

Free Resources

If you think the Princeton Review could be the right course for you, have a look at their free resources, events, and tests. This will give you insight into what the course materials are like and help you understand if they are suited to your learning style. The resources are free to access at any time, so you won’t be tied into a trial or need to create a subscription.

Score Guarantee

The Princeton Review Score Guarantee

The Princeton Review know that they’ve got a great course, which is why they’ll give you a full refund if your score doesn’t increase after completing the course. You’ll need to have taken the ACT previously and submit your score to be eligible. Most students will increase their scores by at least 5 points in the overall score from completing this course.


As with all our review articles, we look at the negative points too. Although, with Princeton Review, this is a challenge! The main problem with the Princeton Review is the cost of courses, which is too high for some students and so inaccessible.

The Ultimate course costs $899 to enroll, but the cost can be lowered by using our discount codes. This package is good value for money, as the teaching is of high quality. If you’re looking for the elite course, the cost is higher at $1599, but again this can be lowered by using our exclusive discount code.

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